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It has been a beautiful weekend here in the mountains of Vermont. The constant breeze and sunshine have been beckoning me outside where I could walk barefoot in the green grass and smell the fragrances of summer exploding all around me. I sat out on my ascension porch for a long time and observed my mind wandering off to parts unknown far away over distant mountains and beyond. During that journey a sudden realization came to me which quickly snapped me back into reality rather abruptly. I have been feeling for quite sometime a deep frustration at not being able to stop what is taking place around the world. Many times it feels overwhelming and leaves my mind spinning in circles that go nowhere. What is this deep frustration really all about? Is it just my anger at the injustice taking place in the world and my wanting to constantly make some sort of difference? I used to think it was, that is until this thought reality slammed into my head today and twisted it all around.

I sat quietly for quite a long time and just felt my frustration, where it sat in my body, what it was doing to me. I didn’t run from it by doing something to distract me, I sat with it and asked what it was trying to show me. I suddenly realized my frustration was coming from a feeling that my brain was not expanding, I am faced with issues that require a new mind and yet mine is still anchored in the same place. It seems society as a whole is suffering from ‘brain freeze’. We don’t seem to be accelerating ourselves forward in keeping with what is going on. Yes we are supposedly ascending on this journey we are embarking on, but really, are we expanding? We are discovering love and its importance in all things, that compassion for our fellow-man is essential for peace to exist, but are our brains growing and expanding? Obviously over time our brains have grown in size from being animals to humans, but if we are moving forward to light we should be seeing radical changes in how our brains work and yet they seem to be close to the same as they have always been.

Perhaps its a case of being too close, too involved to be able to see the changes, I don’t know. I am wondering just what it may be that is stunting the growth of our brains. Is it the food we are eating now? Is it the fluoride in our water? Is it the pharmaceutical drugs we have ingested? Is it the hours of mindless television we have consumed over a lifetime? It seems something is holding back human expansion on some level. We know there is more for us to experience and yet we remain stuck on hold as if waiting for someone to flip a switch and get us moving forward again. Yes we take baby steps and experience such changes as how we treat each other, our feelings on war and violence, our awakening to truth etc. but I am talking about major changes when evolution takes a giant leap forward and everything changes. We are due for this to occur, it feels like we are past due. It is frustrating trying to solve the worlds problems with an outdated version of our brains. I guess it is time to look more closely at how we can create a new shift in our brains. I think in order to do this, we need to first reconnect with our brains and who and what we really are. We are far more than we realize and we should not be so willing to just settle for where we are. It is time to embrace our challenge to shed our fears and expand far out to places unknown.

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