AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Grace On Earth – 24 June 2014

Eileen Meyer





I’m here
On the other side of fear
My heart and my eyes still hurt
From this birth
Into a new light on Earth
Who would’ve thought that
Having too many choices would present
It’s own set of conundrums
And a desperate need
To build a fence
Or a frame
Or just anything to contain

My advice to you?
Before you cross over the threshold
In essence
Who you are
And what you want
It helps a lot
As you begin to build and define
Your Self
Based on what is true
Based on REAL LIFE

You mastered the small
And adapted as best
As any soul can
Tho dear one
It’s time to acknowledge that it’s over
Let the shackles
And the many faces
Of limitation

Deep breaths
Until you feel your face
Your hands
Your feet
Your worth!
Swimming in Real Life
Swimming in

EM Meyer
June 23, 2014 link to original article


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