Aisha North – A Message Of Light From Japan – 25 June 2014

AishaNorthBeloved family of light!
Just two days ago, I wrote “I feel as if I am in a whirlwind of synchronocities”, and yesterday I received an email that made that whirlwind pick up even more speed and intensity, and when you read what I am about to share, I think you will agree. For what this message describes is closely linked not only to what the CCs have been referring to lately, but also to subjects that many of you have shed much light on during the last few days and weeks. The mail was from Rieko, a sister of the light from Japan who has been translating the messages from the CCs for many months now. In it, she describes a Solstice meditation that was held in Osaka, and she also shared some amazing information about the work carried out by another shining soul from Japan, Saeko. But before I even read a word in her mail, my eyes fell on this image that was attached to it, and in that instant, I knew that the content of this mail was something that was to be shared here.


I wanted to have approval from both Rieko and Saeko before I posted any of this, and it arrived this morning. To quote Saeko: “It’s all given free and it should be distributed to every single soul with no condition.” Here is the information Rieko sent me:

“Hi, I’m Rieko from Japan.
I’m the member of Galactic channeling translator team and
I’ve been translating your messages since last year Jan.
There are hundreds of readers – or maybe thousands -here in Japan
and we all appreciate and admire your beautiful work!

I’m very excited as I’m writing this..
Just as exactly CCs messages said, some readers started to contact me
and it all started to link people from various kinds of field.
Then one of them, who has been developing the free energy technology
based on love, the zero-point by crystallizing the love, light and consciousness,
suggested physical get together to do meditation on the Solstice day using
her light orb called AENA, the 180 polyhedron.


Everything unfolded just as naturally as it could be and we had a
beautiful meditation at a beautiful park in Osaka, where there is a huge monumental
work of art called “the tower of the sun”.

The developer of this wondrous technology, her name is Saeko, using organic computer
“all that we are”, has been contacted by humanoid ET since 2008 and started to work on
this free energy project from scratch. (This ET has left her for another task.)

She had no knowledge whatsoever in this field, she is actually an artist,
so she looks for signs and clues of these knowledge through literally everything
that comes into her view in everyday life.
And she has been reading your messages because she always catches amazing ideas
and codes in your words and she works it out to materializes down into
3D level shape with help of other volunteers.
It is a hard work, and how she does it is just nothing but amazing !

She applies the dynamics into breathing technique so that people can go deep
Within, to the zero-point field and to help them become a conscious creator of the new world by crystallizing consciousness, love and light.
All works are done voluntarily by benevolent people.

56 people from all over Japan got together on the Solstice and most of them are
the readers of your message !! We all linked ourselves to a space where so far no one
could ever been to as alive human. And we got to realize that the world has been really shifted.
That it all depends on us to create what we want to realize. To make this world
a paradise where everything is love and love is everything!”


0621aftermeditationThis is a photo taken after the group meditation, take a look at the Tower of the Sun in the background for it is another important key.

Reiko also attached two files describing Saeko’s work and the breathing technique. I do hope you take the time to look through them, for I am certain that the information there will help to trigger many of you as well:



Saeko’s work is supported by a group of volunteers called AENA project. You can read more about it here:

Another amazing piece of information arrived in Rieko’s mail this morning. For she included this link to a description of the Tower of the Sun where their group gathered for their Solstice meditation. I nearly fell off my chair when I read it, for once again the synchronicites are just too many to ignore:


She also included some additional images:













I cannot even begin to describe how all of this is affecting me, for it is too much to put into words. I can just extend my heartfelt gratitude to Rieko, to Saeko, to all of the volunteers, to the whole group taking part in the meditation and to every single shining soul involved in these amazing manifestations of the light, these powerful examples of collective endeavors, of people coming together to BE and to DO, to sow seeds and to make them come into fruition – in Japan and all over this wonderful planet of ours. I also want to send a thank you to Luisa, for being the one who connected us in the first place!

With all my love, Aisha link to original article

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