US promises EU Citizens More Privacy Rights Over Data Protection – 25 June 2014

RT logoThe US has vowed to extend data protection laws to EU citizens and give them more privacy rights. The EU has called the move “a step in the right direction” as the two sides are seeking to recover relations strained by Snowden’s NSA revelations.

“The Obama administration is committed to seeking legislation that would ensure that … EU citizens would have the same right to seek judicial redress for intentional or willful disclosures of protected information and for refusal to grant access or to rectify any errors in that information, as would a US citizen,” US Attorney General Eric Holder said as the EU and the US justice and home affair ministers met for discussions in Greece, which holds the rotating EU presidency.

The commitment, “which has long been sought by the EU,” shows the determination of the US “to move forward,” Holder stressed.

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