ZeroHedge – Syrian And Iraqi Al-Qaeda Groups Merge As US Troops Arrive: The Full Iraq Update – 25 June 2014

ZeroHedgeHere are the most notable news updates from overnight events in Iraq.

  • Syrian, Iraqi Al-Qaeda Groups Merge

As we noted previously, Iraq scourge ISIS is well-versed in the ways of corporate marketing, branding and etiquette, having released annual reports for at least the past two years. As it turns out, in what may be the most stunning update overnight from Iraq, ISIS is also proficient in corporate finance, namely mergers and acquisitions, after what Reuters reports was an effective merger of unequals after Syria’s al Qaeda, aka the Nusra Front, pledged allegiance to the formerly rival group Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) in a Syrian border town, a monitoring group said, strengthening ISIS’s control of both sides of the Syria-Iraq frontier.

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