Suzanne Lie – Make Ascension Normal And Ascension Conversations YouTube – 26 June 2014

As I am completing my fourth book of the Pleaidian Perspective on Ascension series, I am also completing many other area of my life. I have always had a huge affinity for nature, even though I was raised in the city and did not see much of it until I was an adult. I know that I have come into embodiment this time to assist Gaia, and She has paid me back with many wonderful adventures on Her beautiful planet.
When I started writing, actually receiving, as I do not know what I will write until I see it on the page, information about the fifth dimensional Elementals something began to shift inside of me. I LOVE plants. My house looks much like a plant store and my yards are wondrous. I also live a few blocks from the ocean, which has the most wonderful air imaginable. I can walk to the Pacific Ocean, so the hot Sun of Southern California is calmed by the ocean breeze.

I am blessed to live in an area where the elementals of earth, air, fire and water are in perfect balance, most of the time, and I greatly enjoy being outside among them. Thus when the storyline of Jason and Sandy turned to communicating with the elementals, a deep inner shift occurred inside of me. I decided to release my office so that I always work from my home. In fact, a great deal of the time I work outside among the many elementals, humming birds, birds, insects and other creatures that share my yard.
As Jason and Sandy went through their process of transmutation, I joined them in their process. The next section will be about them, as well as myself, acclimating to a new manner of “living within our earth vessels.” I am not sure what that new way is yet, as I have not written/lived it. However, I can feel it coming into my awareness.
All my adulthood I have worked, worked, worked, while I also, wrote, wrote, wrote. Now, I find that I discovering a new way of “being,” which is unique and, yet, the same. In other words, I am finding that I am deeply within a process of transmutation that is only evident on the inside. However, NOW I am beginning to make some changes in how I live my life. I have received many emails from others who are also changing their lives.
What we all have in common is that we are becoming multidimensional. We are leaving the illusion of separation and moving into the knowing of Unity with ALL Life. We are slowing down, moving to the country, leaving our stressful jobs and finding “time” to go inside and perceive our reality from a higher frequency of consciousness. It is this higher perception of reality that is freeing us from what we always believed we HAD to do.
We are taking big risks to change our lives out of the hustle and stress of too much work and into situations in which we have “the illusion of time” to live our life from within our own core, rather than in a manner that someone outside of us demands.
The fact is that we are ascending beyond the confines of the third dimensional illusions and into the truth and unconditional love of the higher frequencies of reality. This process is not always easy. In fact, it involves a LOT of “letting go” of whatever interferes with our ability to live in harmony with our SELF and our Planet.
In other words, as we are released from the indoctrination of the third dimensional illusions, we find ourselves tuning into our own multidimensional truths. We are in the process of ascension NOW, but it is a process. At least for me and those who share this version of reality, ascension is a calm and gentle process.
There are some difficult decisions that need to be made along the way, which usually involve letting go of the third dimensional “shoulds” and embracing the unconditional love that we are increasing experiencing within our core, coming from the inner guidance of our inner Multidimensional SELF and emanating from dear Gaia’s planet that supports and surrounds us.
One of the best contributions we make towards our planetary ascension is to share our process with others. In this manner we can work together to “Make Ascension NORMAL.” Once the concept of ascension is considered to be “normal” the fear, impatience and doubt we be replaced with love, patience and deep inner knowing.
Below is grey conversation that I had with Tammy and Amy about the process of ascension. There are many challenges that accompany ascension because we need to expand our consciousness to a higher resonance to perceive it. We all have moments, or longer, when we become trapped-AGAIN-in the illusions of the 3D hologram. If we can reach out to a friend to laugh about it, read an article, watch a YouTube and/or join a Webinar about our process of ascension, we can regain our center.
While within the center of our SELF we are free of doubt. We also realize that ascension is no “walk in the park,” as again and again we need to LET GO of whatever lowers our consciousness. This does not mean that we LET GO of loved ones or our means of supporting our self. What is does mean is that we LET GO of the component of our ego that is creating our inner conflict.
As we release that which interferes with our process of ascension, we pave a pathway of light which will light our way HOME to our true, Multidimensional SELF.
Blessings to us all.

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