Lucas – A New Moon Message – 27 June 2014 upcoming new moon energetics want to take the new seeds you plant for your life and for this world into the flow of creation.  If old stuff has been brought to closure there is a new  opening. The probabilities and possibilities you take into the equation of the flow will bring what is needed on your path.

It is often after bumpy rides or lots of difficult challenges a clearing brings things into a new space or level of experience. There is enough that past your thoughts and senses these last months. Still there is always something or someone who shows you what is possible in a new way. You only have to see, hear or sense it.

Energetics have in this moment of the now a strong effect on all of us. The now is bringing forward the on stage played show of the dismantling of the old and the struggle that takes on the inside of each of us. It is still us, you and me, that have to make the balance right within and every little  step in that reflects itself in this world.

Earth is a beautiful place even though people see and hear more negative than positive things still.  It is also though a reality that not all is just easy, nice or lovely and blissful.  It is just also sometimes heavy, awful, painful and sad. You may acknowledge all the good and bad on your path.

The experience we came to have upon this planet is changing from a pure duality based extremes space into a balance mastership of duality . We will learn that if things in opposites are finding the balance conflict is no more. All is as it should be. At this stage of being we will get. This stage within we will remember.

Chosing your way to go in this new paradigm forming is chosing with your heart and following that what is your passion and will give you and the rest of this humanity a great big smile. We are here nog only for our own benefit but also to learn again how to individually work together.

How hard that is is seen in the struggle of lots freeing themselves from beliefs and religion and freeing themselves from group rule and peer pressure. You will never be a group as you are you. The world is sometimes astonishingly simple. It just comes with our need to analyse and rethink and philosophize.

We tend to see the easy part as non-existent. Difficult it shall be then. Energetics will follow the best way to uninterrupted be streaming in the field of resonance. We lay our blocks upon our paths. Some blocks are put in our way as karmic issues.  It is a very important lesson of repeat and your choice to change the outcome is asked. Whatever blocks your path you will clear it.

It is confidence in your inner power that will bring the answers.  Be working on the road construction and clearing you still need to do. It is experience that shapes your life. Be aware of all as you are just interconnected with all. Let it be a joyous beautiful travel and plant you new seeds well and make your new travel plans on your own personal path and see where it all will take you.

The time has come to say you are not needing a hand to hold you anymore. You all will find yourselves in sometimes an empty or in between space. It is part of your journey. We will find when all are ready the way to the next stage all together. Be you with all the parts of negative and positive in balance. Learn to cope and see the wonders of life still unfolding in the here and now,

Have a great experience,

Love and Light,


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