Suzanne Lie – Timeless Live Meditation – 27 June 2014

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday I had a Ustream live meditation. However, I did not know that there would be commercials in the middle of the video. These commercials did not show up on my recording, but I did get feedback about the toilet paper commercial in the middle of my meditation. OOPS

Therefore, I am putting up the link where we have saved that meditation on my site. There is a choice of two different commercials, but they are at the beginning and you can click “skip” it after a few seconds.

You can see the meditation un-interrupted by a commercial by clicking the below link. Thank you so for your patience as I go through the “trial and error” phase of new ways to communicate with you.

Blessings BE, and Enjoy,
PS. The meditation is still “live” if you leave time and watch it in the NOW.
Therefore, just go back in time to yesterday and

CLICK BELOW LINK: /link to original article

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