‘With Maliki Staying In Govt, The Splitting Up Of Iraq Is Inevitable’ – 27 June 2014

RT logoUnless something miraculous happens in the parliament in Baghdad, and they choose a different Prime Minister, which probably may not happen, it is very likely that Iraq will split up, former security policy analyst at the Pentagon Michael Maloof told RT.

RT:Kurds don’t like the Baghdad government and have long wanted it gone. Why would Washington and Britain try and change their deep-seated position now?

Michael Maloof: It is not going to change. I think the Kurds see a golden opportunity to declare their independence; they have already announced that they are going to have a referendum. They do have a choice, they can either do that or do what Kerry wants, and work with the government in Baghdad with the hope that it will get more favorable treatment than it had in the past. It is clear that Maliki has been resistant to that, the Kurds are Sunnis and Maliki is very recalcitrant towards the Sunnis generally. And of course the Kurds just recently took over the area that surrounds Kirkuk, it got much more territory which is a foundation for ultimately building an independent Kurdistan. I think that while they listen politely to Secretary Kerry, I think they have their own interests in mind and that’s what they are going to pursue.

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