Lucas – Laser As Weather Modification Methode – 29 June 2014

Logo Lucas_square_wordsWeather modification is not new it is and was used by cloud seeding by spraying  silver iodide to create rain clouds that bring rain . Later the method of ELF waves by the much spoken of HAARP array in Alaska was being tested. ELF arrays can be found all over the world now also radar installation can be used to produce ELF waves. Weather modification and geoengineering has developed now further as now laser is also used to create rainclouds and lightning. Be aware that also geoegineering and the chemtrails spraying is also effecting weather and is used so they say to block sunlight from so-called harming us. Just know your current weather and weather extremes may not have natural causes. But are induced upon you. Earthquakes, huge storms , extreme snow, hail, rain we have seen pass the last few years. It was always said to be the fault of that little fairytale story of climate change but it was not. So be warned. Read and know. Commercial organisations spray chemtrails, commercial organisations are over the world next to military using ELF for weather modification and geoengineering. It is used at this moment against humanity as a weapon and not as something good for us. It needs to stop. The weather has changed yes due to the artificial interference of some that think to be your custodians and have not asked us for our consent nor are they willing to be accountable.

Here is already an article from 2011:

Laser Beams May Be Next Rainmakers :by Charles Q. Choi : Lasers could help cause rain, scientists now suggest. The finding may give bone-dry regions of the world much-needed moisture, scientists say. : Read the full story at:

And this from november 2013:

The Telegraph: Weather Could be Controlled Using Lasers i.e. Electromagnetic Waves : The Telegraph put out an article stating that, “Scientists are attempting to control the weather by using lasers to create clouds, induce rain and even trigger lightning.” It further states: Read the full story at:

And here more at in 2014:

Cloud Ionization, Electric Rainmaking, and Laser-guided Weather Modification :  I know what you’re thinking, I must be crazy, right?  Though plenty of scientists would agree with you, a few companies are touting their ability to create rain from clouds that would normally produce none. Read the full story at :

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