Wes Annac – Enlighten Yourself: Awareness Exists Beyond Matter – Part 2/2 – 29 June 2014

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Concluded from Part 1

Materiality is really only an escape from our inner perception, and in ‘escaping’ from this perception, we cultivate a void that most people don’t even know exists. We block ourselves from spirit when we give all of our attention and energy to finite matter, and to find enlightenment, we have to be willing to explore our consciousness and raise our vibration with focused, dedicated effort.

It might not be easy at first, but it’ll be far more rewarding than materiality ever was.

According to Ramana Maharishi, “The nature of Awareness is existence-consciousness-bliss.” (1)

We’ll find the awareness we seek if we can embody these three underrated qualities, and in doing so, we’ll see that we really don’t need anything else. Simplicity is an important part of finding awareness, and if we can’t live a simple lifestyle, it might be harder to feel the simplistic flow of energy that helps so many seekers find enlightenment.

If we can simply exist with an understanding of the reverence of our consciousness, we’ll embody awareness pretty quickly and we’ll use the resulting greater perception to help others do the same.

Da Free John tells us that awareness exists outside of human perceptions or distinctions.

“The primary awareness of reality, my own actual consciousness [can] not be modified or lost. It is the only thing in our lives that is not an experience. It depends on nothing and nothing can destroy it. It is bliss, joy, freedom, consciousness and sublime knowledge!

“… That Presence could be identified as ‘Reality,’ ‘Self,’ ‘God,’ ‘Shakti,’ ‘Guru’ or whatever. It was simply the sense of being related to a Presence that was truth and reality itself; a perfectly absorbing, consoling, illuminating Force that contained me, lived me and guided me. It is the heart of all religious and spiritual experience.” (2)

Awareness helps us along the path of enlightenment, and even though we won’t attain full awareness until we’re back in a higher state of consciousness, the trickles and waves we’re able to gain help us navigate the lower vibrations and use divine judgment in situations that require it.

Without awareness, we could easily make decisions that keep us from our greater potential and shackle us to the lower vibrations, and this is why so many people strive to raise awareness of the spiritual nature of our existence and the extent to which humanity’s been oppressed by the people in power for centuries.

We can’t do something about an issue we aren’t aware of, and we can’t reach a higher state of consciousness if we aren’t aware one exists. We have to be aware and willing to raise our vibration or peacefully yet assertively dethrone the people in power, and as long as we have awareness, intelligence, and willingness, everything we seek to do will be done easily.

Paul Ferrini tells us about the ‘pure, non-judgmental awareness’ that exists beyond our surface perception.

“Beneath the thinking mind is a pure, non-judgmental awareness. As soon as you discover that awareness, the heart opens, and giving and receiving are effortless.” (3)

I’m starting to find this awareness and open my heart, and I have to say that Paul’s right. Giving and receiving the greater energy that’s helping us evolve becomes easier when you embody the awareness that exists beyond the mind and ego, and it feels great to give this energy.

I’ve been gifting it to random people who look like they could use a blessing. The purpose of the lightworker is to use the energy they can pick up on to help others, and if we want to, we can bless everyone we come across, potentially making their lives and experiences much easier than they would’ve otherwise been.

If we live in the flow, our blessings will be fun and easy.

Adyashanti tells us that awareness exists outside of its own expression.

“There is no one who is aware. Awareness itself is itself. You are now no longer the thought, nor the thinker, nor someone who is aware. Only awareness remains, as itself. Then, within awareness, thought moves. Within the changeless, change happens. Now awareness expresses itself.

“Awareness is always expressing itself: as life, as change, as thought, feelings, bodies, humans, plants, trees, cars, etc. Awareness yields to itself, to its inherent creativity, to its expression in form, to experience itself. The changeless is changing.

“The eternal is living and dying. The formless is form. The form is formless. This is nothing the mind could have ever imagined.” (4)

Indeed, the mind would fire away with all sorts of judgments and observations if it were handed a brain-buster like this. This is the kind of quote we’ll want to process more through our hearts than our minds, but it makes sense to me.

Awareness exists outside of the physical realm, and the physical realm and everything in it are distorted reflections of awareness. Awareness in its purest form doesn’t exist on earth or in the lower vibrations at all, but everything around us is an extension of it – a distorted extension that, compared to it, isn’t ‘real’.

This is my interpretation of Adyashanti’s words, and if we want to find real, pure awareness, we’ll have to be willing to exit the illusory physicality that mirrors it and enter a much deeper state of consciousness and perception.

In our final quote, Adyashanti tells us that awareness constantly embraces us – even when we don’t embody it.

“The very source of existence itself – … [a] faceless awareness … holds both the question and the questioner in a timeless embrace.” (5)

Even though most of us don’t understand spiritual awareness like we will when we’re back in the higher realms, it’s still with us, waiting for us to pick up on it and start acting on it in every way.

Once we do, we start changing our lives and those of the people our awareness causes us to help, and with effort and intention, we’ll use our awareness to glimpse the higher realms in greater and more direct ways.

With the growing awareness we’re discovering, we’ll change this planet by turning to our inner realms and changing ourselves. In doing so, we’ll purify the surface and collective consciousness of the earth, and everyone will awaken in due time because of our efforts.

We make it easier for other seekers to find the higher realms when we embody awareness, and I look forward to acting on my inner awareness and helping others act on theirs too. We can’t force other people to become aware, of course, but we can be the examples of divine change in action.

Plenty more could be said about awareness, but I’ll wrap this report up with appreciation for the words of the teachers we heard from. Clearly, awareness is something much bigger and more important than most seekers think, and I definitely learned a thing or two about it today.

As consciousness continues to grow, all of humanity will open up to the changes that need made and ask ourselves what we can do to make them, but for now, those of us who are becoming aware can take the first steps to aligning with our higher selves and changing the world as a result.

Hopefully, the material we examined here will help some of you in your quests to find enlightenment and change the planet, and we have plenty of time to hone our greater perception and use it to transform the backward and corrupt manner in which this planet’s run.

Wes Annac – Advocating awareness over complacency and blissful ignorance.


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