John Ward – Trolling: How A Dumbo Blundered At The Slog, And Gave Away His Illegal Blagging – 30 June 2014

JohnWSome of you may already have picked up on an extraordinary event at The Slog earlier this evening.

The circumstances are as follows: a threader using the name ‘Rossa’ left a comment at a post I’d written earlier today about how the empirical data out there differs markedly from what the Establishments tell us is happening….I don’t have access to screen capture at the moment, but you can find it between jseanjd and The Ghost…followed by my reply. The thread is dated today at the time 7.40 am CET.

His comment talks somewhat irrelevantly about shares of global wealth, and has nothing whatsoever to do with the published piece. What Rossa commented on was this fragment that begins ‘statisticians confirm that the world’s 85 richest people now own roughly the same as the poorest 3.5 billion’.

Rossa’s comment was posted in reply to a comment I hadn’t published; so whoever this person is had blagged my WordPress account.

I will post the fragment in full shortly, but in the meantime, let us delve into the Slog-commenting career of this Rossa.

Rossa has seven IP addresses and four identities. One of these – Fiona James – is a person known to me and clearly, Rossa has hijacked her ID for his own purposes.

The Rossa appears to be short for Barbarossa, the Nazi code for the attack on the USSR in 1941. He also appears under Petrossa and numerous other aliases. His/her comments tend, as one almost always finds in these cases, to reflect the views of neoliberal maniacs or indeed any elite which, I assume, offers the money to underwrite the trolling.

This troll began posting here on 20th December 2012. More often than not, blanket accusations are made… and quite frequently rebuffed by other threaders who know the reality. It is an MO with which I have become all too familiar.

Straight after posting this piece, I will post the hitherto unpublished fragment. Nobody will have the remotest interest in catching this miscreant. So beware: next time, the chances are it’ll be your revelations the pinched goblins are trying to rubbish. /link to original article


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