Lee-Anne’s July 2014 Forecast – 30 June 2014

Uploaded on 29 June 2014 by templeofbalance

In this July 2014 forecast Lee-Anne uses her Temple of Balance Oracle Cards, Healing Energy Cards and Speed of Light Oracle. You can learn more about these card decks at http://publishing.templeofbalance.com

As we continue to take action, make changes and integrate the changes that are unfolding, we are guided to strength our core truth. This may come through tests, challenges to our beliefs. In general solutions will appear for us this month, as well as abundance, opportunities and learning further how to trust our own inner guidance system. TRUSTING in perfect timing!

Everything shared is a guide only.

Lee-Anne Peters is an Australian award-winning author, visual artist, motivational teacher, mentor and radio show host. Among her many creative adventures, Lee-Anne is the founder of Temple of Balance and Temple of Balance Publishing. She is Author/Creator of multiple titles including: Healing Energy Cards & Ascension Mastery Series. Lee-Anne has appeared in magazines, newspapers and on radio around the world.

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