Emmanuel Dagher – Energy Forecast – Awakening 2.0 – 1 July 2014

Emmanuelpeaceofficial1Hi My Friend,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to connect with you in this way.

The energies of the last few weeks have launched us into greater personal and global transformation. Just as many of us were graduating from timelines we’d outgrown, without even skipping a beat, we were launched into new ones, at full speed ahead.

Adjusting to the New Timelines

At first, many of these new timelines may make us feel as if we’ve taken steps backwards on our journey into greater personal expansion.

This can feel disheartening, especially if you’ve been putting a great deal of time, energy and dedication into creating your highest vision for your life.

This “going backwards” feeling can show up in several ways. It can bring the stirring up of old, unresolved emotions that still need to be addressed and healed. It can also show up as feeling stuck, as if situations in your life are at a standstill.

If like many other people, you have experienced any of these feelings in the past few weeks, know that it’s just part of your integration process with the new timelines you’ve entered.

Often when these kinds of experiences show up, it’s actually a confirmation that great expansion is occurring. They allow us the chance to take a closer look at our inner lives, and to make the appropriate adjustments to aligning with the kind of reality we’d like more of.

The Next Awakening Waves of Change

Have you noticed the amplification of unusual weather patterns and seismic activity lately? How about the global unrest?

At first glance, these situations can generate trepidation, especially for those still living in a paradigm of fear. However, those who consciously make a choice to live and operate from their hearts can clearly see the powerful undercurrents taking place.

So what is really happening?

For a very long time now, the foundations of our global society have predominantly been operating on patriarchal principles. If allowed to continue, these principles, combined with the mind’s forgetting the Soul’s true Divine nature, abilities and purpose, would have eventually created a world entirely motivated by control, separation and fear.

Instead, the patriarchal system we’ve lived under for so long is crumbling. We can see this clearly happening all around the world. All systems and ideologies operating in a covert and selfish way, without integrity, will no longer be able to continue operating.

The reports coming from these systems may try to convince us that things are only getting worse, with the political unrest and climate changes taking place.

But this could not be further from the truth of what’s really happening.

The changes taking place are actually confirmations that the collective consciousness and our Earth herself are awakening to higher states of consciousness. These changes are a result of the cleansing effect that is supporting our move out of the old paradigm and into the new one.

The new awakening waves of change are actually sacred activations that our Souls called forth long before we even entered this paradigm.  These sacred activations are quickly moving us to live, operate and breathe from the heart. These energies are asking us to think less and feel more.

They are magnifying our ability to love more. They are also guiding us to embrace, honor, listen to, and connect with our intuition.

Our intuition is the way in which our Spirit communicates with us. When we are following our intuition, we move back into being the powerful Creators we have always been, back to a place where nothing can ever hurt or harm us in any way.

Intuition is not to be mistaken with Instinct. Instinct, though beneficial at times, is more about survival. If we always choose to operate from survival mode (motivated fear), then the mind begins to believe it is disconnected from the Spirit.

Being in survival mode at all times also puts a great deal of stress on our emotional and physical bodies, which leads to an imbalance in our state of well-being.

That’s why things like meditation, mindful breathing, exercising our creativity, prayer, showing gratitude, and taking time to rest are some of the most important things we can practice at this time, because they strengthen the mind’s connection with our Spirit.

Once this connection is strengthened, we start to allow our intuition to guide us on our life’s path.


As we develop a stronger connection to our intuition, a path to enlightenment can unfold. Many of the great sages that came before us knew that enlightenment was not about heading toward a specific destination, and that it had absolutely nothing to do with organized religion or striving for perfection in any way.

Experiencing true enlightenment is actually much easier than we ever thought. The answer can actually be found in the word itself.

En·light·en·ment simply means to “lighten up” and to not take ourselves and life so seriously. It sounds easy, right?

Well, when a society has placed a great deal of effort on developing and praising intellect, and little towards developing intuition, it can be challenging to change deep-seated patterns.

That’s when we realize it’s necessary to “unlearn” the patterns of needing to analyze and complicate everything. This is where many of the spiritual practices like meditation come in, helping us quiet the mind.

Once we have learned to unlearn the patterns of trying to figure everything out, the sweetness and joy of life return to us.

And it’s in this simplicity where the greatest enlightenment can be experienced.

Till next time,


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