Sophia Love – The Choosing – 1 July 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

If you focus only on life as you see depicted in your daily activities, it is only that world that you will conjure.  Your eyesight must withdraw from form as you know it, and tap deeply into other arenas.  These are places you have denied as real, perhaps disregarded them as dreams, yet all that you are capable of perceiving – is life.

You are life, drawn from the blueprint of Source itself.  How then could it be that anything you imagine is not life as well?

The fabric of existence is woven from luminescent fibers of what can loosely be labeled “thoughts”.  These ideas, or thoughts, spring from Source and are thus imbued with the very essence of creation, aka eternal essence.  All of life is an extension of life – how far backward or foreword it reaches is irrelevant.  The notion of before/after or first/last or older/newer is a nonsensical one.

It is akin to questioning the numeric value of love; an impossible quest.

Life is.  You are.  Expansion becomes the not completely satisfying way to express why we are here and how it all works.

If there is a reason for “the experiment” as it’s been called, and this ongoing emergence and awareness – it may be found perhaps in the word “stimulation”.  Contrast provides unending opportunities to inspire creation.

We are in many ways overwhelmed with stimulation here.  When beings come in, via channeling, they at first remark on how “wet” the body is, how distracting and crowded we are and how LOUD everything is.  These attributes exist regardless of sex, location or heritage – which provide a host of additional layers to these human suits.

Life is glorious, exciting, hideous and solitary.  It is accomplished in unison, as ONE; while every breath is taken alone.  As we develop the capacity to embody truth, we express eternity with every decision.

Choose who you are and the expression of your intent will be the only person looking back at you from the mirror.  Make the choice regardless of health or wealth or imagined happiness.  That choice is truly all that you have.

With every breath it is the choosing that emanates.  We see not your illness or your struggle but you in each interaction.  It is our deepest wish that you too recognize the magnificence of your truth.

For all of our differences, we become ONE in purpose.  We are here to express and expand the condition known as life.  All of our challenges yield growth; further our knowledge and lay groundwork for creation.  All of this, fueled by Source, the spark of love that makes it all possible.

Why have this conversation?  To introduce an idea that all of our moments hold equal importance and relevance.  There is no such thing as before or after.

You are already enlightened, healed, expanded, ascended and multi-dimensional.  This ride was so good that you are right now focused on it again; like re-living a spectacular afternoon.  There is no other more powerful or perfect for this moment than you.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

~Sophia / link to original article

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