Lucas – A World Of Many Things Emerging – Can We Make It All For Humanity And The Planet Best Working Option – 2 July 2014

Logo Lucas_square_wordsI said already for some time that we are in the battle of coming to terms with the new paradigm where lots of different things are emerging and we will eventually in the now being deciding what course we as humans upon this planet will take. The time has come to engage a global discussion. We are now as all humans kept by a few into check or they made us belief to be needing control. Secret societies and  behind closed doors corporate monopolies, governments and financial and political powers including the military are making agendas that only not even 1% of us humans have had a say in or even discussed to come to some sort of mutual solution or consent basis. It is still the audacity of those thinking in terms of custodians over their 99% fellow humans.

We need to discuss in open and fully transparent what it is what all of us want for this planet. First also we need to make clear that a discussion under duress or suppression is not really open and transparent. If also our basic needs are not met there will not be an open discussion either.  We need all of the human populus engaging in our new course for the planet. Agendas of total control, internet communications and freedom being corrupted or even taken from us is not working. We need to step out of our agendas of eugenics, human reduction and other measures to kill people or the lifespan of humans. We need to address the lies for a good “cause” as they are still lies. We need to see that we cannot be continuous manipulated  by mind control, electro-magnetic frequencies and waves. mainstream media and gaming software, or kept in debt slavery and deprivation by monopolizing resources  and all that makes basic human life possible . We need no restrictions on freedom of the self as free humans.

We need to get together without retaliation from one side or the other and ask ourselves as humanity why we have one planet to share which we divided into fictitious parts , with borders and regions, blocks and so on.  We are not in any way separate as all is interconnected. If we know that we have been born on this planet to make greater things for all humanity happen we should stop this. All humans are equal and  we are part of a big one planetary family that has forgotten to be inhabiting together this planet called earth. Why are we still fighting, polarizing things, dividing and manipulating? Why is there still no transparency and plays personal interest and gain a role? We need to open up to open source, to free stuff and freely available and accessible things, sharing and caring wisdom that is already in some ways spreading upon this planet amongst humans.  What I still miss is the integrated part of humans upon this earth grounded  and our spiritual creator being.  There is still the fight against the heart-centered world and the mind-controlled brain thinking world. It is a blend of both not just one or the other.

We will eventually integrate all of our parts to be whole again. All of us. We will find that neutral space and ultimate spot to create in balance all that is for us humans without exception.  The framework of the new is becoming very visible in the new social developments and new conscious communities and individuals as well as the technology that evolves in ways of interconnectedness and free access as well as sharing. It does not stop with free energy and free natural healthy organic food, free access to internet.  It starts there and does not stop there.  We are in a major change towards not only a technological driven society for humanities benefit if we so choose. We can make our new world about not worrying about basics and needs, but about full expression of all that what is making up you as a creator being.  Full scale social interaction, sharing and caring, arts, music and so many still newly to develop or better said to remember abilities and talents you will have all the time in the NOW for to explore.

The mostly seen still negative part of our newly formed information, software and AI intelligence driven new world will if correctly used (and not abused) benefit humanity. We can access upon this earthly level that new paradigm already if we are freed from all that is keeping us from our spiritual growth by having lack, pain and frustration, sickness and needs and not access to all that is abundant upon this world.  It is  our individual freedom that needs to be without limitations being seen and foremost acknowledged by those still wanting control. The systems that kept or prolonged that illusion of not being free are fading.  The mere scale of new options and the power of individually working together humans is having a great impact. The power of many connected is one way of bringing new things forth. What is important is to see that multiple ways are developing next to each other from currencies to new exchange mechanisms, or from permaculture gardening and growing foods towards  high-tech indoor new ways of growing foods, etc.

We need to be sure we have no unfair and dishonourable interference in this. There are still some out there that seem not to get it.  That what is by humanity not anymore accepted should  stop. It is time for those custodians and master planners to let go of their agendas and quit and listen. If so we can get together and discuss our new course all together. Humans have already shown to want an other course. Forget the political and religious and other oppression systems as all is just not relevant for  an awakened humanity to do things really in a new way. Mistakes we will make, but intent is what firstly counts in all our endeavours to make the new now work for all of us.

The history and the falsely educated and manipulated people need to also learn what was kept from them as all need to show their full hand of cards to all. I see a humanity of explorers and travelers  that will grow to spiritual heights never experienced. We have the capability to be majestic as we are already incredible. See what great potential you all have and if you use it to the benefit of all your fellow humans you will see even more potential and wondrous things happening. I see a humanity that will embrace the heart-felt truth within and make this world a real heaven as it always was intended without belief systems control.  We will get there for sure. We all together have the key to make a swift shift happening or prolonging the transitioning into that new. Eventually all is still in the now. Let us make it happen together. All of us humans.

Much love and light,


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