Lisa Gawlas – The Fluid Elixir Of July Forming The Unified Expression Of God/Goddess Incarnate – 3 July 2014

lisagawlas2Wow, I had wondered where that big ole U turn of a tsunami river was going to end up and of course it is in a place I would have never expected. But before I get to that, let me back up just a hair. On June 30th I had a connection with a wonderful lady down under, it was 11pm in her world when we connected and we purposely stayed connected until the midnight hour to see what would take place as June turned into July, more specifically, that magnetic button between the two… Doncha know, at 5 minutes before midnight I stuck my antenna into her field purposely looking for that button I had been seeing for the last several months. Pesky, pesky spirit put a great big red X across that button the moment I found it. Hey!!! That is so not nice. Five minutes after midnight, I was peeking into her field again, I just wanted to see what happened, my damn team unplugged, I couldn’t see a thing except my floor. Thank goodness they plugged me back in to finish my day of readings.

I spent my own night of the 30th in deep and relentlessness sweats. No fever, just profuse sweating. Needless to say I didn’t get much sleep at all and had zero brain power to even think about doing readings on the 1st, something that genuinely pissed me off, not in anger mind you, just nosy frustration. I sat around and sweated all day long on the 1st. I musta been completely purged by the morning of the 2nd, I had so much energy, so much staying power all day and night long, even thru the soul gym, my vision was still holding strong. I can get used to this!!!

There is obviously a massive shift in the field of readings, I guess I expected that. Really all I wanted to know was where on earth, how on earth was that river 1000 feet in the sky in the reverse direction going to show up on the landscape we call life. Well, no where near like I expected. lol

My first reading of the day yesterday (and everyone there after as well) all I could see was a pie wedge of energy held strictly within the west field. If you can imagine, the point of these visuals started at what I would call direct center in each persons field of life and widened as it went to deep west. You might even say in the southwest and northwest positions. Enough of a viewing screen to at least get some understanding.

Now, to make this as clear as I can for everyone’s understanding, imagine every one of us lives in our own personal soap bubble of creation. Everything that exists, that is created and uncreated, happens all within the soap bubble area. You may even look at this as your hologram of reality. Until this moment, everyone’s soap bubble has been held together by the greater universe, including your spiritual guides, your soul, the forces of nature and so on. You can even look at it as a multi-current of reality. So as I was looking into the pie wedge of energy of my first client, the first thing I noticed was this massive circulation of water energy in the place that would be the filmy substance of the soap bubble or the lining of your created field of reality. I could tell the spin of this water, the water that was the tsunami river of change a few days prior is now circulating thru everyones life field lining. Altho I could not see outside of the west area, I knew this rapidly spinning water system (which we can also call an emotional system) was happening in all directions, in a clockwise circular motion… can I say fast, think like 100 RPM’s or more.

As I was looking around for my lovely lady, I realized she was plugged into her filmy wall of creation directly in the middle of it. Her feet was not on the ground, her head no above the dome of creation, but there she was, suspended in air, but again, directly on her western wall of her field of creation. The West. I know I have a very limited understanding of the fullness of the west, but here are the things I do understand. If you think about the four seasons, the west represents fall, the time of harvest, the horn of plenty. But also, silo’s of unused energy stored up for when it is needed. The native’s used to call this the storehouse of life. What is really important to understand is that no negative energy can or will be stored in this holy place. Besides, negative energy cannot sustain itself in life, it can only be perpetuated by those who give into it. The moment it is realized, its transmuted back into its true form… love.

The elements that are stored in your silo’s are things like good karma coins, mastered abilities, wisdom, elements from past, future and off planet lives, waiting for you to need them. Waiting for the vibration of earth, and you upon it, to be able to release them. Ahhhhh…. timing really is a key element to all life. What I realized was happening to my strung up lady (smile) was a plug in (if you will) directly at the back of her solar plexus energy and this energy coming into her.

Now with all this, spirit is really really fussy on the words I use in describing this event. I kept trying to say infusing her, they kept pulling the word out of my mouth, but for a change, put the one they wanted in…

IMBUING from im·bue [im-byoo] verb (used with object), im·bued, im·bu·ing. 1. to impregnate or inspire, as with feelings, opinions, etc. 2. to instill or inspire (with ideals, principles, etc): his sermons were imbued with the spirit of the Reformation 3. rare to soak, esp with moisture

Take this very purposeful word in contrast to “infuse:” to introduce, as if by pouring; cause to penetrate; instill

Both are verbs, so both are action words, but infusing is the action of going into, with imbuing, there is a two way responsibility of action, the act of being imbued, then the responsibility to act on the feelings, the inspiration. Until this critical time in our collective lives, we could be infused with new energy and never do a thing with it. Or we could sit around and play with it and never really bring it out into it’s fullest expression. The only way any energy can find its fullest expression in matter is thru the living host incarnate. We are now responsible, at least the ones who are choosing the imbuing of this highly potent elixir of life.

There is something very important that I do want to share about this precious lady’s reading too, something that took me so by surprise. I was struggling to understand what all this meant, new imagery, new feelings on the field is like that for me. So I as I was expressing “what the hell does that mean” out loud and inside, suddenly, from wayyyyyyy across the field I hear this masculine voice, at this moment I cannot even remember what he said, I was just shocked first for the distance.

When your team talks to me it is always right there in my kitchen not across the field. ALso, when I hear your team the voice has no gender tones at all. This was unmistakably masculine. So I hadda ask… who are you. At first he simply said John, maybe if I would have shut up a moment longer I would have heard the rest, but instead i simply repeated him… John?? And then with this energy, OMG this heavenly energy I hear the rest “I Am John…. of God. Hmmmmm…..!! Like the guy in Brazil?? I am not to very aligned with him, I just know his name and a little stuff. I could hear this voice laugh at me, but in amusement. His reply was no, not another person, but the living energy of God.

Ohhhhhh… I almost forgot this part. As he was replying to my question, from my lady’s sacral chakra a hand, a really big white glowing hand emerged. No arm that I can see, just a hand that kinda resembled the Pillsbury dough-boys hand with a beautiful gold band at the wrist. And with his index finger would move it either up and down or back and forth in reply to his yes or no answer. He must have not wanted me to confuse his reply. But this morning, I see it even bigger… the hand of god. YOU are the hand of God. Each and everyone.

To make a long story short (imagine that lol) John of God is my lady, her divine masculine in expression. Last night in the soul gym, of which this precious lady is a constant participant, we got even more understanding. So needless to say, we did not follow the regularly scheduled program… I went with what was opening up because OMG it is exciting and filled in all the pondering I was doing before that moment!!

So, for those who are allowing themselves, in this very moment (or at later moments) this imbued energy is “re-hydrating” (again, one of spirits very very purposeful words of choice) your core energy, I could see its evolution thru the gym last night.

Let me share with you how I am (currently) understanding it’s progression and enormity in effect. So you have the elixer of pure life (earth and god combined, or divine masculine and feminine combined as one expressing energy) coming into your solar plexus as the entirety of your creational field is changing. I was able to see my lady’s core energy and from the morning to the evening, she had about 3 inches of this new water filling her upper quadrant. Over the coming days, this new fluid of life will fill her core upwards to the top of her head and as her head (and all that goes with her head, consciousness, vision, audio, olfactory and so on) are completely re-hydrated, I could see her “new” consciousness emerge.

Until last night in the gym, whenever I see anyone’s consciousness, it emerges from the pineal gland and moves outward from their head to the surrounding area outside their head. Some consciousnesses expanded miles, some, a few feet… but all look similar. Like the view of a hurricane from space:

As I watched the potential of the fluid, the true, pure elixir of all Life move upwards, I watched equally the change in consciousness too.  It changed from foggy hurricane looking energy to an amazing wet spider web energy:

But more than the beauty of this intricate spiderweb with droplets of water all over it, was what happened next!! Her expanding consciousness merged with the area that I refereed to as the filmy soap bubble area of her creative field of life.  It expanded outwards and around her moving downward to her feet and sealing itself in a complete new bubble of pure consciousness energy with the re-hydration energy now filling the core of her from the root chakra upwards to complete itself at her solar plexus. The significance of all of this is MASSIVE.  She is the creator of every ounce of her life.  EVERY OUNCE!!  (Well, she will be when this process is completed lol and of course I have no idea when that will be!)

Until this moment, we called on our guides, angels, god himself to assist in our needs and desires, now… those who have allowed this moment of change to happen, you are the god, in full, you would be asking assistance to.  Meaning, don’t look for outside help, you are the inner and outer help.  YOU are now fully responsibly for creating, not just in your personal life, but equally, helping others too.

There is so much more to all of this, sadly I am running out of time before my day of readings starts.  I do want to share two other elements from yesterdays readings that are equally important to understand and know, all is perfectly ok!

My next appointment of the day took me for a little spin of confusion.  There he was, in his west wedge of spinning water energy but he was not plugged into the wall itself.  Instead, he had a beautiful golden ladder that had 9 rungs upwards, 1 rung on the top center and 9 rungs down to the other side.  Instead of taking in new energy, he is laying down and working into his tangible field of life all the energy he has been infused with since last October.  He had said his body has not stopped vibrating since that time and think of the saying “when a cup is already full, there is no room for more.”  He has already embarked on new experiences to use in new ways this high intensity energy that has been rocking the cells of his world for 8 months.  Kinda like, birthing himself into a new space of creation (this being the 9th month.)  And too, this is so perfect on all levels.  I did get a timeline with him via the rungs of the ladder, 9 days up, one to hold it all and 9 days down the other side.  Of course I could not see the other sides landscape, but it felt like it should move into the north field… 19 days from yesterday or maybe the 1st of July.

Then my last reading of the day took me for another look.  I say this so often, can’t you all just be the same for a week or two lol.  Everybody is a such a unique and extraordinary expression of life that you confuse me sometimes. lol I could not see inside of her west wedge of energy at all, instead, she had laid down tracks that allowed her to walk up and over this energy system. It really looked a lot like this: link to picture

As she told me she was taking the summer off to spend with her daughter, who just graduated high school and will be leaving for college in the fall, I got a familiar connection with my own disembarking on my path to be with my father in his transition.  That is not to say there is not something vastly important about it all… kinda like taking an inner pause of the cause to work on the construct of outer life beyond yourself. Like I said, there is so much more to share… but, that is gonna have to wait until tomorrow.

My day begins in earnest now. Interesting thought to ponder, we have an active Hurricane on the east coast.  Good ole Arthur.

I love you all soul much!!  ((((HUGZ)))))

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