John Ward – The Paedofile: Telegraph Twins Are On Leon Brittan’s Case…Bad News For Number Ten – 4 July 2014

JohnWIs the Conservative Party’s main heel about to do for Achilles Cameron?

Staying just the right side of the libel laws, the Daily Telegraph this morning excavates the ancient 1980s story about “a senior Minister” being stopped and then shown to have been importing child-porn materials into the UK.

This can only add to the pressure on Leon Brittan, the Home Secretary at the time, to explain why so many dossiers went missing, prosecutions failed to happen, and seized materials are no longer available, as such.

But the question we should perhaps be asking is why the Twin Piques of Sark have chosen to disinter this story now.

One answer might well be related to the antipathy felt by the Barclay Boys towards Messrs Cameron and Clegg.

In late 2010 on Nick Clegg’s specific recommendation the Prime Minister gave Leon Brittan a freelance contract to act as temporary Trade Minister. The assist came via Clegg’s dad, who is one of Brittan’s closest confidantes. And in a further twist to this tale of privileged chum networks, it seems that Lord Brittan gave Napper Clegg his first job in the EU’s bombproof bureaucracy.

Perish the thought, but were Lord Brittan’s explanations to be found wanting, one cannot help but speculate upon the negative pr this would generate for a PM already facing searching questions about his discernment when it comes to choice of friends and employees.

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