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TheIndependent – Shell Investors Sue BP For Millions Over Deepwater Share Price Crash – 5 july 2014

The Independent

By Jim Armatage

The pension fund of oil giant Shell is suing arch rival BP and its former chief executive Lord John Browne for millions of pounds over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill catastrophe.

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ZeroHedge – Train Derails In Montana, Dumps Boeing Fuselages Into River – 5 July 2014

ZeroHedgeUntil now, whenever Warren Buffett’s preferred mode of industrial transportation – that would be trains – derailed, it would usually involve spilling generous amounts of oil into the surrounding area, far more than any hypothetical pipeline disaster to date would have resulted in. Then, in an apparent first, overnight a train derailed in Montana and spilled fuselages of Boeing 737 airplanes into the Clark Fork River. One wonder if all of these airplane orders had been funded by the Ex-Im bank.

John Ward – Erste Bank Gives Us All A Tiny Taster Of What To Expect When Eurobanking Collapses – 5 July 2014

JohnWIMF uses Erste results to remind the taxpayers of their responsibilities

It seems highly unlikely that Erste (the biggest banking group in central and eastern Europe) chose late Thursday – just prior to a national holiday in the US – by accident as the time aperture in which to tell everyone it was facing a whopping bad debt provision in Hungary and Romania. The loss is understood to be in the region of €3 billion. Even by contemporary banking standards, that is a rather large amount of money. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Passionate Grace In A Boundless World!! – 5 July 2014

lisagawlas2I feel like yesterday, maybe starting the day before yesterday, but surely yesterday (smile) I opened my eyes for the first time.  I mean really understood how this all works and when it all comes down to it, it has nothing to do with the bells and whistles available to us.  It has nothing to do with attunements or alignments, how many spiritual antenna’s we take out and polish.  That does not make us any more or less in alignment with the energy I call Shambhala (Living heaven on earth) it isn’t even a side effect of “awakening.”  There are many people who have mastered various skills in previous lifetimes  that are just natural and available to them in this lifetime. Continue reading

Taliban Torch Hundreds Of ‘NATO-Supplying’ Fuel Trucks Near Kabul – 5 July 2014

RT logoDownload video (5.28 MB)

An assault by militants at a large parking lot on the outskirts of Afghan capital, Kabul, Friday night left at least 200 fuel tankers incinerated. The Taliban said the privately-owned tankers were targeted because they supply foreign troops.

“The number of tankers on fire is not yet clear, but based on preliminary reports from police around 200 tankers have been burned,” Reuters cited the Afghan Interior Ministry as saying.

AP, meanwhile, reported that 400 tankers had been burned out.

Taliban fighters fired four RPG rockets at a logistics compound in the Paghman district of the capital, said Hashmat Stanekzai, a spokesman for the Kabul police, confirming that the number of burned-out vehicles could reach 400.

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‘Slave Labor?’ UK Benefits Legislation Violates Human Rights, High Court Rules – 5 July 2014

RT logoBritain’s High Court has ruled against legislation supporting a back-to-work scheme that forced people to work for free to qualify for benefits. The decision could lead to the UK government paying out over $223 million to people denied welfare payments.

Justice Beverly Lang ruled Friday that emergency laws, brought in last year to galvanize the coalition government’s back-to-work schemes, were “incompatible” with the European Convention on Human Rights. According to the judge, the legislation interferes with an individual’s right to a fair trial when applied retrospectively.

The ruling could open the door to a torrent of claimants from people who were denied benefit payments because they did not participate in the scheme. Birmingham-based public interest lawyer Phil Shiner, who fought against the scheme, told the Birmingham Mail that the ruling was a “massive blow” to the government’s “attempts to make poor people on benefits work for companies, who already make massive profits, for free.”

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New Russian Law Bans Citizens’ Personal Data Being Held On Foreign Servers – 5 July 2014

RT logoAll internet companies collecting personal information from Russian citizens are obliged to store that data inside the country, according to a new law. Its supporters cite security reasons, while opponents see it as an infringement of freedoms.

The law, passed Friday by the State Duma, the lower chamber of the Russian parliament, would come into force Sept. 1, 2016. The authors of the legislation believe that it gives both foreign and domestic internet companies enough time to create data-storage facilities in Russia.

The bill was proposed after some Russian MPs deemed it unwise that the bulk of Russians’ online personal data is held on foreign servers, mostly in the US.

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Ann Albers – Messages From Ann and The Angels – 5 July 2014


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Your life is happening now, dear ones, not tomorrow, not some day in the future, but right now. There will always be reasons to put off your joy. There will always be very good excuses. You may not have enough time, money, or energy for your dreams. You may not feel well enough to take the steps to make things happen. Our message today is simple… take the steps anyway, for in moving forward towards your dreams, wishes, goals, and desires, you call forth Life! You call forth Love! You enter into streams of grace in which you receive the support and assistance you need. Continue reading

Natalie Glasson – Archangel Raphael And Archangel Metatron – The Laws Of Creation In This Time – 5 July 2014

natalie glassonWith blessings and love, we, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Metatron, come forth to greet you in this exciting period of evolution upon the Earth and the inner planes. It is a time of evolution of the physical body, emotional body and mental body especially due to the fact that these three bodies have been instigated into a spiral of transformation and activation in order to exist in deeper oneness with your spiritual body, soul and the Creator, thus activating all that is heavenly within the core of your being to be fully present within all aspects of your being. Continue reading

TheIndependent – New Serco Blow As £125M DLR Contract Is Lost – 5 July 2014

The Independent

(Lucas: Serco is one of the world’s biggest companies in outsourcing  operations: it handles private for profit : prisons, welfare systems, defense contracting, education, health services, security services and nuclear services (UK’s Atomic Weapons Establishment) and much more. Serco  is in almost all branches of services that can be outsourced working. Serco has no great name in honouring human rights , etc.  Lots is not shown as Serco operates with others names or with other companies in consortiums. If you search you will find mostly in alternative media what Serco does and is not to be known to the greater public.)

By Jamie Dunkley

Serco has lost a £125m-a-year contract to run London’s Docklands Light Railway to a joint venture partly controlled by the French government.

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