Ann Albers – Messages From Ann and The Angels – 5 July 2014


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Your life is happening now, dear ones, not tomorrow, not some day in the future, but right now. There will always be reasons to put off your joy. There will always be very good excuses. You may not have enough time, money, or energy for your dreams. You may not feel well enough to take the steps to make things happen. Our message today is simple… take the steps anyway, for in moving forward towards your dreams, wishes, goals, and desires, you call forth Life! You call forth Love! You enter into streams of grace in which you receive the support and assistance you need.

It is never in struggling or doing things out of fear from which you attract help. Acting out of fear or panic simply attracts more fearful circumstances. Acting from love, joy, desire, and passion … That type of action is motivated by love, and in return the universe must echo love back to you!

If you expend your energy in fear-based actions, you will feel drained. You will attract more struggle and chaos. If you expend your energy in loving action you will feel more energized. You will attract more grace and ease.

Don’t put off loving action one more second. As you read this, drop into your heart. Breath into it and imagine that spark of light becoming brighter. Ask yourself, “Heart, what one thing do you want to do that I can begin right now?” And as soon as you are done reading this newsletter, honor that heart’s desire. Take a small step, or maybe even a large one, in a loving direction.

Dip your toes into the streams of grace so you can be swept away in currents of love. They are always there, flowing, waiting for you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Hi Everyone,

I think we’ve all said, “Some day I want to do this!” “Some day I’m going to do that.” And while it is true that many of my “some day” wishes are things I do not yet have the money and time to do, and honestly, not yet the driving desire, there are many things that I have wished to do and have not done.

One of these desires was a relatively small thing, a simple but deep wish to climb Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona, to watch the sunrise. I had, as many of us do, plenty of excuses. I will have to get up at 2am in Phoenix and drive two hours while I’m asleep to make it, OR I’ll have to take time off, drive up the night before, and spend my hard earned money on a hotel room just for this tiny hike. It didn’t make financial sense. It didn’t make practical sense. I caught myself finally and reminded myself that if I only did things that made sense, I’d live a pale shadow of the life I truly want to live! So I stopped making “sense” and decided to work extra, thus making clients happy, and just get a hotel room in Sedona the night prior.

That inspired a torrent of other wonderful ideas. I could go up the day before and have an entire day of following my heart! So I hopped in the car early in the morning with a small suitcase, food, and water, and hit the highway, not even knowing where I would end up. It ends up, I ended up in Flagstaff, Arizona, hiking in one of nature’s breath taking cathedrals – an aspen forest where the chalk white giant trees reach into a sky so sapphire blue that I surely felt as if I could dissolve into it all. Cool, crisp mountain air filled my lungs and cleansed my soul as the sun warmed my skin. Shadows played with light on the rocks. Wild irises amidst knee-high grasses carpeted the forest floor and a symphony of bees, locusts, and the occasional cry of a raven circling overhead vibrated through my very being. I lay down on a fallen tree and simply allowed myself to drift, surrendering the boundaries of my human self and melting into the Oneness of it all.

Suddenly the urge to get in the car and drive south hit me. I had not known the highway between Flagstaff and Sedona was open after the big fire a few weeks ago but to my surprise it was. I only discovered this by following my instincts and driving! I was able to see not only the burned hillsides but also the beautiful green that has been preserved all the way down the scenic drive. A hike I had always wanted to try, popped in my head. There wasn’t another person on the trail for the entire two hours. In spite of 100 degree temperatures, I was charged with nature’s energy. No more solid and separate I felt as if I were one with the landscape again, like the wind blowing along the trail, or simply a thought in the mind of God moving through the greater Self.

Finally, after all these years of saying I would do this “some day” I parked at the base of the Cathedral rock trail in total darkness at 4am. A crescent moon shone above, silhouetting the mountains in the distance. A few crickets chirped, but other than their song, the morning was deeply silent. A sweet peace filled my soul and as soon as my eyes became accustomed to the dark, I began the climb. The rocks emanated a pleasant warmth that they had absorbed from the previous day. Half way up the trail, tints of silver light began to appear over the horizon, and the mountain came to life. Rodents and lizards rustled in the brush. The wind that comes as the warmth of day begins to dance with the cool of night began to blow softly. Birds awakened and began their sweet song of welcome. I reached the top in time to see the moon and stars being chased away by the softly glowing pink light on the horizon. Five other individuals were already there. A young woman sang her praise to the day by doing yoga “sun salutations.” Three younger guys wrapped in blankets were waiting with their cameras. An older native gentleman sat in silent reverie with a giant crystal strapped to his third eye, preparing to infuse it with the light of the new day.

Then, suddenly as the birds sang louder, and the locusts began their endless hum, our beautiful golden star burst over the mountains to the east in a stunning display of liquid light. It filled the valley, brought the glowing red rocks to life and reached into every crack, corner and crevice of my soul. I shut my eyes and opened every cell and aspect of my being to this light, inviting it to fill me, merge with me, and become one. Once again, I lost all track of my body, and became only a thought, only light melting into light, with pulsating energy pounding both from within and without. No longer just Ann, I perceived the greater self. I was the mountains, the valley, the stone, and the sky. I was the earth and the space in between. I felt suspended in a timeless space of blinding bright light, in silence… sensing only love, feeling only an expanded sense of reality. When I finally opened my eyes, my third eye was pounding, and my entire body felt electrified, humming with life. There was not even a trace of fatigue.
Back at home the next day I was able to achieve monumental amounts of work. I was inspired to work on projects I’ve put off for some time. Even after putting 300 miles on the car, hiking about 4-5 miles on foot, and having very little sleep over the past two days, I felt fantastic.

So this week think about your “Some day” things and see if you can take steps towards them. I am starting to catch myself when I say “some day” and ask myself, “Do you want to create that now Ann?” And if so, what can you do now towards that dream? Some dreams involve saving money. Some involve blocking off dates on the calendar. Some I don’t have a clue how to bring about so I’ll just visualize and pray for them, for now. In doing any of these things, as the angels say, we call forth Life, precious energy, and love into our lives.

Try it… it affects every aspect of your existence to allow joy to flood into your heart in this fashion. And while most of us have to work to pay the bills, life is too short to only focus on survival. Dream this week… start down the path to your “some days.”

Love you all,
Ann / via newsletter 5 July 2014


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