Lisa Gawlas – Passionate Grace In A Boundless World!! – 5 July 2014

lisagawlas2I feel like yesterday, maybe starting the day before yesterday, but surely yesterday (smile) I opened my eyes for the first time.  I mean really understood how this all works and when it all comes down to it, it has nothing to do with the bells and whistles available to us.  It has nothing to do with attunements or alignments, how many spiritual antenna’s we take out and polish.  That does not make us any more or less in alignment with the energy I call Shambhala (Living heaven on earth) it isn’t even a side effect of “awakening.”  There are many people who have mastered various skills in previous lifetimes  that are just natural and available to them in this lifetime.

Like the marriage of the divine masculine and the divine feminine there are two emotions, qualities, states we must embody, live completely, to remain in that holy marriage within ourselves.  The one I talked about yesterday: Grace.  We can look at Grace as the living embodiment of the divine feminine, and it is truly an energy a palpable energy.  An energy I spent all day yesterday getting familiar with thru the readings.

The second and equally important ingredient is passion.  The divine masculine embodied within the passionate drive of life.  I think too, we really misunderstand the word and application of passion.  I think most people search for that big tidal wave of energy filled with passion, their lifelong partnership with a thing or action.

Even a tidal wave is made of droplets of water.  Many many moving droplets of water.  So to, should be the energy of our passion.  Moments moving into other moments.  Passion itself is an energy, as real and tangible as Grace.

Let’s look at moments instead of streams of months or years.  Passion fills me every time I sit down to write this blog.  Passion fills me every time I think about playing with my grandson.  Notice that word… I think about.  I do not even have to be with him to have that flow of passionate energy course thru my body, I just have to think about it.  So passion itself is not only available in the act of doing something, but remembering it too.  The mind itself has no idea what is really happening or not really happening.  It becomes a part of an event, even if created within the mind itself, and the energy system merges with it.  When I do my readings, OMG, passion runs amuk, like unruly children bouncing all over the place.  I truly have the grace of god in my presence within you and who wouldn’t be passionate about that!!

When I sit on my ass and ponder the meaning of life, the readings, myself, whatever, I do so with passion.  I created a from scratch Cherry smoothie milkshake and OMG the taste, the energy, the passion of its creation filled my entire body and I passionately consumed it!


Passion is experiencing life in fullness.  We must also be very aware that sometimes, oftentimes, those moments change and seek new adventures.  The passion for one thing ceases and makes room for another.  For example, my massage business.  I could not wait to get someone on my table, I knew I was would learn, expand, experience until 7 years into massage, it became a chore.  I dreaded having to do massage, but the pesky human inside kept seeing limitation.  How else would I make a living?  There was nothing else I wanted to do.  I pushed thru my massages, no longer with passion, but out of a sense of duty.  That is, until my carpels and forearms pulled me completely out of the game of massage.  It hurt too much.  God I so love this body!!

So let’s talk about those pesky perceived limitations.  This came crashing thru my awareness this week as all this amazing energy started to really present itself.  I am going to give you something so mundane, incredibly mundane, but at the same time… flipping HUGE in my own recognition of my own blinders!

I love my home, I love where I live, I love everything about my life here in my own personal heaven, except maybe the refrigerator.  And it’s not that I don’t love and appreciate that I have one, it’s just a small one, an apartment size one.  Grocery shopping is a 2 hour round trip adventure and I prefer to do that once a month (or less.)  My refrigerator and freezer is small, so on my big adventures out in the world, I have a choice, I can either buy veggies or fruit but rarely both because my fridge doesn’t have much room.  I cannot put my water bottles in my fridge, again lack of room.  I was ok with this limitation.  I found ways to work around this, which really comes down to a survival technique really.  Until the compressor on the fridge died and an incredible friend lent me a smaller fridge to use until a replacement comes to me.  I guess this size fridge would be considered a dorm room sized one.  As soon as I started to move my liquids and stuff into that fridge, the biggest light bulb went on.  I can get one of these and have plenty of room for everything.  I could have done this 2 years ago, but never even once thought of it.  All I could see is what I couldn’t do and lived with it.

This precious, generous soul has done so much more than keep my milk fresh and water cold, she peeled away the self-imposed limitations of my world.

As crazy as it sounds, having that mini fridge arrive in my world was like a massive flood light going on.  Our perception of limitation in a boundless world!!  We are funny creatures aren’t we!!  (Thank you from the depths of my soul Louise.)

Passionate Grace in a boundless world!!  The only true limitations are the ones we keep recreating for ourselves.

There are two very catholic things that echo in my ears these last few days.  Two sayings:  “Holy Mary full of Grace.”  Of course, when we think of Mary, most minds turn to the lady known as Jesus’ mother.  Truly, it is the energy of the Divine Feminine, at least it is in my world.  The living energy of earth herself.  Grace does not mean doormat.  Our precious mother knows how to clean house.  To enforce the laws of nature.  She does it with love and zero regret.  And in every day, in every moment, nourishes us in loving silence, in the background of our often busy lives.  All-ways there, all-ways radiant, all-ways Present.

We can look at the sun itself as passion.  Shining, illuminating the nooks and crannies of all of Grace.  Casting shadows where they are needed, rotating around her whole body, never missing a nook or crannie, Love made manifest.  Ohhh the passion of the Sun!!  Light and Life inseparable in their union.

As I pondered the holy marriage of Grace and Passion yesterday, I heard “The meek shall inherit the world” over and over again.  Lets change that into a real understanding: Those full of Grace shall inherit the world.  This is how we live fully in the energy of Shambhala.  Heaven on earth, everywhere we go.  The Garden of Eden full of Grace and passion from the heart of your created world.  Boundless.

When we are in that divine union within our selves, lightning strikes, the waters rise up to carry us into our next greatest version of ourselves, unyielding in its presence and filled with extraordinary surprises.

Yesterday, I felt like I fell in love.  Ya know that feeling you get when you first meet that person who makes your heart skip a beat.  All day long I felt like that, culminated by the readings I had done, the loving grace that flowed from everyone I connected to and I was madly and deeply in love again, with nothing and everything at the same time.

This is Heaven!!!

With passionate ((((HUGZ)))) around everyone one of us, and graceful kisses upon your soul, I love you!!

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