TheIndependent – New Serco Blow As £125M DLR Contract Is Lost – 5 July 2014

The Independent

(Lucas: Serco is one of the world’s biggest companies in outsourcing  operations: it handles private for profit : prisons, welfare systems, defense contracting, education, health services, security services and nuclear services (UK’s Atomic Weapons Establishment) and much more. Serco  is in almost all branches of services that can be outsourced working. Serco has no great name in honouring human rights , etc.  Lots is not shown as Serco operates with others names or with other companies in consortiums. If you search you will find mostly in alternative media what Serco does and is not to be known to the greater public.)

By Jamie Dunkley

Serco has lost a £125m-a-year contract to run London’s Docklands Light Railway to a joint venture partly controlled by the French government.

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