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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Century Of Enslavement: The History Of The Federal Reserve – 6 July 2014

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Laura Bruno – My Faery Garden Landscaper Is Back! – 6 July 2014

laura-of-the-rocksA couple weeks ago, I mentioned having sent my Faery Garden Landscaper (pseudonym: “Heather”) on her very first ever vacation until I got caught up on all the earlier garden projects. Well, as of yesterday afternoon, I’m all caught up, and now she’s back. I just realized it this morning when some telltale magickal signatures showed themselves outside; however, I’m quite sure she actually returned last night. Because last night … oh, my … last night ….

Let’s just say, out of nowhere, someone inspired me to buy a lot more fruit trees and berry bushes for planting this summer, which means much more work on my part. The ground is harder; they’ll need more water and extra care; they’ll need lots of cardboard and hauling of wood mulch … and have I mentioned it’s July in the absurdly humid Midwest? Continue reading


ZeroHedge – The Individual Is Rising – A Book Excerpt – 6 July 2014

ZeroHedgeA Book Excerpt in Two Parts


The Individual Is Rising

By Joe Withrow

Part two of this book excerpt can be found exclusively at TwoIceFloes.com

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(Cognitive Dissonance – While I edited this book for Joe I am not participating in any revenue from the sale of this book. However I did purchase several copies for personal use as well as to give to family and friends.

In fact if you are looking for an inexpensive, easy to read explanation of what is going on in the world, where it is headed and ways to prepare for the inevitable change, all in a compact form you can hand to family and friends, this just might be the book for you.)

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ZeroHedge – “There Is No Honest Pricing Left” – The Epochal Error Of Modern Central Banking – 6 july 2014

ZeroHedgeSubmitted by David Stockman of Contra Corner blog,

David Stockman, Director of the Office of Management and Budget under Reagan, former Congressman, and author of the bestseller The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in Americadiscusses his book, the gold standard, bailouts, and the problems the American economy faces today.

Mises Institute: In the book, you oppose Bernanke’s view of the Great Depression, which you point out relies heavily on the views of Milton Friedman.

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ActivistPost – BAYER Is Launching GMO Soy – 6 July 2014


Usage of toxic pesticides continues to increase / “high meat consumption contributes to pesticide poisoning”

Bayer CropScience has launched a new soy product range. The corporation has started selling glyphosate and glufosinate resistant GMO soy seed under the brand name Credenz. Other varieties which have added resistance against so called HPPD herbicides are to follow at a later date.
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Brittan ‘Rape’ Charge: Is This A Case Of Rebekah Brooks II? – 6 July 2014

JohnWThe IoS this morning has exclusive news of the recent interview under caution of Leon Brittan, for the alleged rape of a student in 1967. For obvious reasons, I am deeply suspicious of this development.

This charge comes out of nowhere, and is vehemently denied by those around Brittan. I have been on the former Minister’s case now for three years, and this is the first I’ve heard of any such allegation. I rather suspect here that Brittan is being set up to face a charge he can easily deny…..thus allowing the Government to say that  justice has been done. Continue reading

What Are Machines Thinking? Forget It. What Are Humans Thinking? – 6 July 2014

jon7“…one scenario is that the machines will seek to turn humans into cyborgs. This is nearly happening now, replacing faulty limbs with artificial parts.”

“The concern I’m raising is that the machines will view us as an unpredictable and dangerous species.”

“[Machines] might view us the same way we view harmful insects.”

“Del Monte believes machines will become self-conscious and have the capabilities to protect themselves.” Continue reading

114 Files Missing From ‘Westminster Pedophile Ring’ Dossier, Home Office Admits – 6 July 2014

RT logo(Lucas: exactly, and where are they, the missing files! Who has lost them, made them disappear or has misplaced them…??!! As the more than 20 high-ranking (ex)politicians are now under scrutiny the files are missing. Too much coincidence does not exist!)

The UK Home Office has admitted that it can’t find 114 “potentially relevant files” relating to the pedophile scandal engulfing Westminster, in which there are allegations that senior political figures were involved in, or covered up, child sex abuse.

The lost files were part of a dossier compiled in the 1980s by the now deceased Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens and which was passed to the then-Home Secretary Leon Brittan, British media reports.

Mr. Dickens, who died in 1995, told his family that he had details in the dossier that would “blow the lid off” the lives of powerful and famous child abusers.

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Kenya Attacks: Over 20 Dead As Militants Gun Down Non-Muslims – 6 july 2014

RT logoSuspected Islamist terrorists, thought to belong to the Al-Shabaab group, have staged an assault on a village and a breakout raid on a jail, killing at least 22 people. The violence is in the same Kenyan state where over 60 were killed last month.

Police said that militants carjacked a truck near Gamba in the coastal district of Lamu, then killed its driver and two passengers, before pulling up at the local police station.

Once inside, they overpowered the garrison, killing one policeman and leaving five others wounded. The militants then massacred five inmates in their cells, bringing the death total to nine, before escaping with three others.

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Lisa Gawlas – The Fearless Warrior!! – 6 July 2014

lisagawlas2This is going to be a very short sharing, I woke up late even tho I went to sleep early.  I must have been working hard in my sleep cuz I am still exhausted.  But as I am processing everything that has been revealed these last several days (and so much more to share, tomorrow) it hit me last evening in my previous sharing about the energy, the embodiment of Archangel Michael, the warrior of Light. Continue reading