Brittan ‘Rape’ Charge: Is This A Case Of Rebekah Brooks II? – 6 July 2014

JohnWThe IoS this morning has exclusive news of the recent interview under caution of Leon Brittan, for the alleged rape of a student in 1967. For obvious reasons, I am deeply suspicious of this development.

This charge comes out of nowhere, and is vehemently denied by those around Brittan. I have been on the former Minister’s case now for three years, and this is the first I’ve heard of any such allegation. I rather suspect here that Brittan is being set up to face a charge he can easily deny…..thus allowing the Government to say that  justice has been done.

The posing of a question the Establishment member can easily deny began in 2009, when Andrew Marr put Gordon Brown into the clear by asking him if he ever took “things to get you through the day….such as prescription painkillers”. On hearing the question develop, one can see the panic rising in Brown’s face: but then the question becomes specific and Gordon heaves an almost audible sigh of relief. In fact, the allegation (made by me) was that the Prime Minister was on heavy-duty MAOI anti-depressants.

Last month, Newscorp’s Rebekah Brooks walked free having faced charges she could easily deny, because all the evidence relating to them had been destroyed.

More intriguing, perhaps, is the Telegraph piece from this morning on the issue of missing evidence at the Home Office. A senior Sir HUmphrey has now admitted that 114 files have either gone missing or been destroyed in relation to the case.

Losing over a hundred documents relating to one case simply isn’t credible – especially when one considers that there have been three enquiries over the years….for which they would surely have been required. MPs from both sides were this morning restive about the news, and questions in the House will follow over the next few days.

I was informed by a former Met Police officer three months ago that Mr Brittan had also been questioned about the videotape allegedly showing him at Elm House during one of its little gatherings. It has also been alleged that at first the former Minister denied ever being at Elm House, but when later shown the tape, admitted it was him but insisted he had not taken part in any illegal activities.

The same inconsistency applies to Brittan’s statement of last week that he remembered Geoffrey Dickens giving him the dossier, and had asked civil servants to examine them carefully. But earlier this year he told a prominent online journalist and author that he didn’t remember anything about any dossier.

There will now (I’d imagine) be further calls for an enquiry….but destroyed evidence makes one wonder whether there really is any point in spending yet more public money when there appears to be a videotape and witnesses putting Leon Brittan at the scene of the crime.

I no longer have any trust in public enquiries, police investigations or criminal proceedings where politicians can corrupt the proceedings. We had Chilcot, or rather we don’t yet, and it’s going nowhere. We’ve had two years of circumlocution at Elm House. The Leveson enquiry set out to investigate tabloid malpractice and ended in a rant against bloggers. Three MPs’ enquiries – into Tim Yeo, Jeremy Hunt and Grant Shapps – found no case to answer. The Hackgate trial ended with what one can at best call a counter-intuitive verdict. And now a criminal investigation into matters potentially damaging to David Cameron and Nick Clegg gets deflected into entirely irrelevant areas.

There is no real Opposition in Britain. There is no equality before the law. Effectively, there is no longer any rule of law. The Establishment and its naive silent majority will, if left to themselves, ensure that Britain is ruled in perpetuity by an authoritarian corporate regime bankrolled by globalist business. / link to original article


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