Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – Create Your Own Luck – 6 July 2014

LarryLarsonQ: Good Luck—many people have a philosophy about good luck and bad luck. Luck of the Irish. Good luck charms. I see that in some ways as throwing off the responsibility for your own path, your own creating.

Well, you can create your own luck if you like, and most of you do. You are activating or deactivating the assistive agents of the Universe. There are many of these. You can call them fairies or sprites, or good luck, or just nonphysical assistants. Everything in your Universe is personified if you will allow it to be. Everything arises up out of consciousness in the same manner that you do.

You are all created in the same way: thought organizes the energy of Source; law of attraction draws to the modulated source energy more thought-form compatible with the original thought; when the accumulated Source energy reaches “critical mass” the thought form emerges into your world as physical form.

So you are not casting off your responsibility by acknowledging the presence of luck unless you see it as something external to yourself. You create your own luck and if you inherited something lucky that you believe in, that belief will serve you well.

You are your entire field of being; you are not just this body and gray-matter mind. The you that exists in nonphysical form brings all of this to life all around you; attracts to your field of being all compatible beings and co-creators. So why not create a little luck? You have St. George the patron saint of parking spaces to assist you when you go shopping and that works for you very well.   **explained below

You keep seeing yourselves as separate beings dropped into this world that operates by rules that you had nothing to do with… Inner Circle Members click here to continue reading.   More info about the Inner Circle

~ Twelve /via newsletter

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