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114 Files Missing From ‘Westminster Pedophile Ring’ Dossier, Home Office Admits – 6 July 2014

RT logo(Lucas: exactly, and where are they, the missing files! Who has lost them, made them disappear or has misplaced them…??!! As the more than 20 high-ranking (ex)politicians are now under scrutiny the files are missing. Too much coincidence does not exist!)

The UK Home Office has admitted that it can’t find 114 “potentially relevant files” relating to the pedophile scandal engulfing Westminster, in which there are allegations that senior political figures were involved in, or covered up, child sex abuse.

The lost files were part of a dossier compiled in the 1980s by the now deceased Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens and which was passed to the then-Home Secretary Leon Brittan, British media reports.

Mr. Dickens, who died in 1995, told his family that he had details in the dossier that would “blow the lid off” the lives of powerful and famous child abusers.

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Kenya Attacks: Over 20 Dead As Militants Gun Down Non-Muslims – 6 july 2014

RT logoSuspected Islamist terrorists, thought to belong to the Al-Shabaab group, have staged an assault on a village and a breakout raid on a jail, killing at least 22 people. The violence is in the same Kenyan state where over 60 were killed last month.

Police said that militants carjacked a truck near Gamba in the coastal district of Lamu, then killed its driver and two passengers, before pulling up at the local police station.

Once inside, they overpowered the garrison, killing one policeman and leaving five others wounded. The militants then massacred five inmates in their cells, bringing the death total to nine, before escaping with three others.

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Lisa Gawlas – The Fearless Warrior!! – 6 July 2014

lisagawlas2This is going to be a very short sharing, I woke up late even tho I went to sleep early.  I must have been working hard in my sleep cuz I am still exhausted.  But as I am processing everything that has been revealed these last several days (and so much more to share, tomorrow) it hit me last evening in my previous sharing about the energy, the embodiment of Archangel Michael, the warrior of Light. Continue reading

Bust The Budget! Tens Of Thousands Of Australians Protest Abbott’s Austerity – 6 july 2014

Photo from Twitter/@k4_kennedy

Photo from Twitter/@k4_kennedy

Up to 15,000 people, organizers say, turned up for a rally at Sydney’s central business district. Police put the figure at 6,000.

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House Arrest: Israeli Court Refuses To Jail Brutally Beaten 15Yo Palestinian-American – 6 July 2014

RT logoThe brutally beaten, 15-year-old US-Palestinian cousin of murdered teen Mohammad Abu Khdeir has been placed under house arrest, despite police demands to keep him in custody. Tarek Abu Khdeir was accused of attacking police officers at a protest.

An Israeli court ruled that Tarek Abu Khdeir should be subject to house arrest in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina on Sunday. Court spokeswoman Luba Samri said that police had asked the judge to extend the remand of the teenager, claiming that he attacked police officers during violent protests over the death of his cousin, 16-year-old Palestinian boy Mohammad Abu Khdeir.

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Japan Gearing Up For First Military Export Deal In Decades – Report – 6 July 2014

RT logoTokyo is likely to approve its first military export deal in decades, Nikkei business daily reported. Japanese-made sensors will be installed on American PAC-2 missile defense systems, to be further re-exported to Qatar.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries produces high-performance, infrared seeker-tracker sensors, the key component of missiles in the Patriot Advanced Capability-2 (PAC-2) air defense system, under license from US arms manufacturer Raytheon. Japan has been making the sensors for its own defense force.

Japan’s government in April relaxed its arms export rules, enabling exports of military technology for the first time since 1967. Now such deals are fully legal and only require government approval.

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‘Step Backward’: NATO Puts New Memberships On Hold – 6 July 2014

RT logoThe Ukrainian crisis has led to nations aspiring to become NATO members pushing harder for admission. The alliance has however made it clear new memberships are not part of its agenda for the time being.

Russia launches large-scale naval drill in Black Sea same day as NATO (VIDEO)

Four aspirants – the former Soviet republic of Georgia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – have been informed they aren’t joining the club anytime soon.

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