Law Enforcement Agencies Fight Over Who’s To Blame For Bundy Ranch Standoff – 7 July 2014

RT logoThe local sheriff and federal officials alike both agree that Cliven Bundy, the Nevada cattle rancher who made headlines earlier this year for a standoff near his Clark County home, should face charges over the incident.

On Thursday, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie said Bundy should be held accountable for encouraging supporters to take up arms and fortify his property earlier this year when the United States Bureau of Land Management attempted to confiscate dozens of head of cattle belonging to the rancher. This week, BLM officials said they happen to agree with Gillespie’s stance.

Speaking to the Associated Press, BLM spokeswoman Celia Boddington said in a statement released Saturday that her agency is continuing to pursue the matter “aggressively through the legal system.”

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