John Ward – The Paedofile: It’s An Enquiry Landslide….Nothing Like A Landslide For Covering Things Up – 9 July 2014


The British Establishment is still struggling with the meaning of the word ‘Independent’. It likes to think of us as an independent Sovereign State, but wriggles like a ticklish teen out of every opportunity it gets handed on a plate – from Juncker yomping to Rompuy revenge – to leave the EU. Now further evidence is emerging that there seems to be some confusion in the Westminster/Whitehall Blackmailer Belt about whether a large number of obviously pre-programmed Enquiries = an independent  outcome.

Mr Peter Wanless of the entirely unblemished NSPCC having been appointed by his fellow-Tory Theresa May to conduct an independent Enquiry into whether Theresa May’s Tory Home Office antecedents destroyed, lost and variously rendered non-existent 114 documents relating to former Tory Home Secretary and paedophile suspect Leon Brittan, Elizabeth Butler-Sloss is to chair another Enquiry into historical sex abuse and institutional protection of children from it.

La Sloss is the late Lord Havers’ sister….as in, the same Lord Havers who spearheaded the first Elm House cover-up, and opposed the prosecution of prominent paedophile Peter Righton.

If that makes her independent, then clearly Crimea remains a State entirely independent of Russia.

So these are the new brooms who await us: the head of perhaps the only organisation in British sexual history (the NSPCC) suspected of both covering up and inventing cases of paedophilia at one and the same time; and the sister of the one Attorney General now suspected by almost everyone of having perverted the course of Justice, which was about its business of prosecuting Elm House-visiting perverts until he stuck his oar in.

Meanwhile, ultimate Met Police boss Tory Mayor Boris Johnson currently has his fat arse sitting on is Our Man in Richmond, ensuring that the guilty are found when it comes to the Elm House depravity.

Excellent. MP Simon Dancszuk has expressed dismay at her appointment, but an hour ago (at 11.23 am BST) Butler-Sloss was at a loss to understand why she should withdraw.

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