‘Swimming Pool For Bacteria’: There Could Be Life On Mars Today – New Study – 9 July 2014

RT logoWater, near and on the surface of Mars, melts rapidly enough when combined with salt to allow bacterial life to flourish, despite the freezing temperatures on the planet, a new study from the University of Michigan claims.

The discovery came after NASA expert at the time, Nilton Renno, noticed droplets of what seemed to be water on the robotic arm of the Phoenix spacecraft when it landed on the Red Planet in 2008. Back then, the “droplets” prompted a huge debate, with scientists arguing if they were really ice or actually water – crucial to allowing life to grow – and if the latter, how it melted in temperatures that vary from -120 C to -21 C.

Since taking up a professorship at Michigan in 2012, Renno has been able to construct a “replica” of the exact conditions that occurred during the landing, to prove his belief that water could melt – building a cylindrical chamber with air pressure just 1 percent that of the Earth, as on Mars.

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