Dumping Net Neutrality: ‘Fast’ Lane To Censorship & Obama’s Biggest Letdown – 10 July 2014

RT logoAuthor: Bryan MacDonald is a journalist, writer, broadcaster and teacher. He wrote for Irish Independent and Daily Mail. He has also frequently appeared on RTE and Newstalk in Ireland as well as RT.

A heavy blow to the heart of American innovation and an end to the quarter century of online liberty in the self-styled ‘land of the free’ – that’s what it would mean if US regulators go on with their proposal to reverse net neutrality.

A hackneyed mistaken belief, accepted as gospel by many, is that Germany invented the modern motorway system, or autobahn as they call it. As a matter of fact, the world’s first enclosed-highway was in Italy, running between Milan and Varese and forms part of the Italian road network to this day.

What is true, however, is that Germany was the first nation to build a dense, cross-country system of motorways in the 1930’s – for primarily military purposes – and that their efficient system was copied by copious other countries in the post-war period.

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