Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – You Already Live In Those Fourth And Fifth Dimensions – 13 July 2014

LarryLarsonThere is much talk about raising our vibrations to usher in the 4th or even 5th Dimension of experience on our Earth. Is this possible within the matrix that exists now?  If so, how would I start to “become” the 4D/5D person?
I’d imagine that since [chanting] “OM” is all-inclusive, this might be a place to start; however, I wonder if there is a way to be more specific in order to hone in on the particular experiences that I would prefer?

Your perspective is born of your focus into the present time-space reality you are experiencing. Attempting to envisage what might be occurring in dimensions beyond that, from your present point of focus, can only result in…confusions about the nature of outlying dimensions. Imagine the dilemma of the two-dimensional cartoon character living flat on a piece of paper trying to fathom the ins-and-outs workings of your expanded reality. The best they will get is like one of those animations you can create by drawing pictures on the corner of the notepad and flipping through the pages very quickly.

But you are more than just this focused being flattened out on a piece of paper so you can see clearly. And you are more than just this three-dimensional being that you think you are from your presently focused perspective. So the solution is to let yourself expand into the space already occupied by your greater self. And you will do that through the process of defocusing—meditation guided by your own inner being/greater self. We have written an entire chapter on the process of defocusing and its meaning for you.

You will usher in the broader levels of experience by allowing yourself to expand into the greater being you already are. You already live in those fourth and fifth dimensions and beyond.

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~ Twelve / from newsletter 13 July 2014

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