Lisa Gawlas – Cha-Cha- Changes From The Inside ANd Outside!!! – 13 July 2014

lisagawlas2There is such a wonderful majesty to life and its creative processes.  To the way it makes itself known to the human incarnate, to the outflow of creation energy from the center of your life (that would be from you) outwards.  Right down to the purposefulness of each of you on the reading field.  Each moment a unique expression of the All.

Now that the water world is changing, the pure liquid emotional field of each heart center, the focus yesterday was on the area I call your outer created life.  Experiences and connections beyond your immediate self (body, home, etc..) The fluid water I had been seeing is now being dispersed thru your entire field of creation, to my view it would be very much like water vapor.  It is now serving to change the outer world bubble of your experiences as well.  From what I am understanding as well, the outer bubble of your field of creation (and by that I mean, the experiences that happen outside of your intimidate environment, such as when you go to the store, or work, or the park, etc.) is forming based on what you have done and experienced to this moment.  This morning I understand that more than I did yesterday.

Just about everyone’s field was focused around the deep west field area.  Not due west (the harvested energy that awaits the return to you) but either just north (near future) of west or south of west (recent past.)

This morning I do understand the significance of (most) of what was shown yesterday thru everyone.  One lady had these light green molecules of energy that seemed to be coming from a machine gun or something, just north of her due west area.  A four-foot stream of rapidly firing energy, from outside her created field of life and impregnating her inner space of creation.  I could not see the source of this infusion and her team was “absolutely” adamant that she not know the source (and let me tell you, they used the word “absolute” three different times in her reading, in three different ways.)  From what I am only understanding and hearing this morning, her “heart of generosity” is being infused with the full on experience/expansiveness of generosity into her creation.  I soooo look forward to seeing how that is experienced thru her!!!

Her team also gave us an example to process.  Using the notes and frequencies of the piano, this impregnation of energy is going to serve to put two extra keys on the keyboard of her life.  Keys and notes (frequencies) that have never ever been available in this phase of humanities evolution.  Now that I think about it with more information, it would have to be in that area I call Shambha-lini!!  Ohhhhh this is getting so darn exciting!!

Another lady showed up with two doors flapping like crazy just south of her (exterior) west field.  One door, the one closest to due west was red, the one next to it was yellow and both were flapping as if the winds of change were strong, intense and chaotic.  Then she told me she was in the midst of bankruptcy… ahhhhh, I get this now.  Releasing the old energy, and the fight (from the old energy) that goes along with that.  But she is holding firm in her heart (her bonus to herself) and already she is bringing in the energy of the new world and her soul/body placement in it as these doors vibrate closer to her due west and can be fully infused with her harvest.

I had yet another lady show up and there was a huge ball of chaos just north of due west, unlike the two above lady’s where their imagery was exterior to their created field of life, this ladies was smack in the inner and outer space of it.  Chaos ALL-WAYS proceeds change.  She knew that to be her work place.  So when I looked for her body in relationship to this chaos, there she was…. wayyyyyyy across the field in the due east aspect of her field.  New beginnings, new energy, new opportunities.  She was sitting… waiting.  A very wise woman.  Waiting for the chaos to subside is the greatest gift you can give yourself.  Don’t get caught up in it, don’t take it personally, change is underfoot.

You can look at this like a tornado or hurricane, while it is on the ground and underway, your best bet is to sit in your house, let it burn itself out and move on, and then go see what it left for you in clearings and new opportunities.

Now lets talk about the interesting effects of all this energy.  Phew baby!!

About four or five days ago, with the first reading of the day, I started to rock an expansive headache.  As the day went on and my head just couldn’t take any more energy, it moved into my solar plexus and filled my abdomen.  I felt like my entire belly would explode from the internal pressure.  After the last reading, I sat down on the couch to let it settle.  I could feel my girlie parts start to cramp.  It is not time for my period at all, but it felt just like period cramps.  This last a few hours then this energy moved to the pelvic area, my cramps now were in my lower intestines.  A few hours later, the intense energy moved to a place I have never ever experienced energy before, just at the top of both thighs.  That was kind of a kewl feeling since there were no organs there to get squeezed by this energy.  It took about about the first 4 inches of the top of both thighs. It lasted for a few hours then my entire bowel system exploded!!  Holy release batman!!

These three area’s are significant.  Sacral chakra, sense of Self in the world around you (me) about to change dramatically.  My connection to earth (root chakra) and the way I am living my life upon it, about to change dramatically.  The thighs… the source of strength to move forward in all we do, amping itself up.  Changes are about to happen big time in my world (and more than likely, yours too!!)

The next day, on my lower calf area of both legs, I swear I moved into spider webs.  Every time I checked, there was nothing on my legs at all.  But there was also this feeling like static.  Ya know when you move into something that has a lot of static electricity around it and your body gets covered in it too, that’s how my calves felt for two days along with the spider webby feeling.

What I do understand is the magnetic field of energy is changing.  We could not have possibly gone thru all that has happened (at least energetically) from the last of June without changes happening in our personal worlds of creation.  So the static is the new frequency of magnetic energy (attraction) being set.  The spider webby feeling is the new connections aligning themselves to you.  The fact that (for me) it was completely on my calves, it would relate to the foundation of life itself (my personal life) getting ready to change, morph and expand in experience and understanding.

Yay??   lol

Obviously my personal body is making room for it all.  Every day now, the moment the readings are done, my bowels do their thing.  Holy flipping cow are they doing their thing.  Phew.

With that thought in mind, I have gotten such an influx of emails these last several days about various experiences that are happening to y’all.  I really really wish I could clone myself to not fall so far behind on replying… and if I may ask this personal favor of anyone who needs to contact me via facebook, please please do it on my wall or email me.  I have so many PM’s on facebook that there is no possible way of keeping up.  I am just one person doing as much as I can all day long and I get really overwhelmed with all the places I need to look and feel obligated to reply… even tho, these days, I cannot do anything more than what I am doing right now.  My body takes over the moment I have down time.   Also, if you have pending sessions left, please go to my “reschedule zone”  to get them scheduled.   I am doing as much as I possibly can every day and keep feeling like I am failing miserably because so much does not get tended to, which gives birth to a new day and new things to tend to.  But again, I read every single email I get (not so much the facebook PMs tho) and do my best to reply… forgive me if I take days to reply and if I forget, send me a reminder.  Its crowded in this mind of mine!!  lol  I so love being in service, if I could clone me to keep up I so would, but right now, I don’t know how to do that… yet!!  lol

Ohhhhh….. sheez, before I forget… we are in a massive energy cycle between these two moon phases (full moon and new moon) which will continue to expand thru the next two super moons (august and September) all of it leading up to another massive shift in frequency we will experience after the September equinox and builds our October.

On that note, the next phase of my day begins.  I LOVE YOU ALL so so so very much and appreciate your presence in my world, in my heart, in my LIFE.

((((HUGZ))))) of wild and wonderful new adventures to ALL!!

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