Web Giants Make Last-Minute Plea With FCC To Preserve Net Neutrality – 14 July 2014

RT logoThe 120-day window established by the Federal Communication Commission earlier this year to hear comments from the public concerning its open internet proposal is about to close, and web giants are making a last minute plea to protect net neutrality.

On Monday this week, a trade group representing the interests of Google, Twitter, Netflix and others filed with the United States FCC a 25-page statement asking federal regulators to consider the consequences of implementing plans that, according to opponents, would crush the concept of net neutrality.

In January, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals remanded portions of the FCC’s 2010 Open Internet Order, in turn eliminating all legally enforceable rules ensuring internet openness. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler responded with a proposal in early February, Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet, but it contains language that critics say would, if approved, allow Internet Service Providers (ISPs) the power to preferentially treat some web content over another as long as it could be considered “commercially reasonable.”

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