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Time Is Art: Synchroncity & The Collective Dream – 17 July 2014

An artful meditation & feature documentary that explores synchronicity as a portal to a new reality. Helping to see with our hearts what was once invisible.
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Israeli Military Starts Ground Operation In Gaza – 17 July 2014

RT logoIsraeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered the military to start a ground operation in Gaza, his office has announced.

“The prime minister and defence minister have instructed the IDF to begin a ground operation tonight in order to hit the terror tunnels from Gaza into Israel,” the statement said.

A large IDF force has launched a new phase of Operation Protective Edge starting a ground operation in the Gaza Strip, IDF spokesperson has confirmed.

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According to the statement, IDF goal is to target Hamas tunnels “enable terrorists to infiltrate Israel and carry out attacks.”

“We are now continuing with the ground forces to strike terrorist infrastructure, Hamas infrastructure, in multiple areas throughout the Gaza Strip,” army spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Lerner told reporters.

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Maryland Smallpox Storage Also Held 300 Vials With Dengue, Influenza – 17 July 2014

RT logoThe cold storage in Bethesda, where several sealed vials with smallpox were discovered last month, also had over 300 vials likely containing pathogens like dengue, influenza and rickettsia, it was revealed.

The 327 vials were stored at a the National Institutes of Health stashed in 12 boxes in a corner of a cold storage room, the Food and Drug Administration reported Wednesday. The FDA believes the collection of pathogens was assembled between 1946 and 1964 by government scientists. The administration has been using the facility since 1972.

“The fact that these materials were not discovered until now is unacceptable,” Karen Midthun, director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER), told reporters. “We take this matter very seriously, and we’re working to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.”

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Jon Rappoport – Alien ET’s Final Message To Earth – 17 July 2014

jon7There was no doubt in inner circles that a message had been received from space. It was sent in English. It was specific. It was so shocking it had to be suppressed.

It was eventually leaked, but the leak was stopped before the general public became aware of the message or its content.

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Sophia Love – July 16th Update – 17 July 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

Good Day Sophia!I will answer on some questions from Good Friends.

“Here is an interresting article called SAUDI JOINING BRICS TO DITCH USD :
Click here.
Arabia is the world biggest oil producer and thereby the main backer of the petrodollar with other petromonarchies.
If it’s confirmed than it’s a huge nail on the coffin of the dollar”
Another great news Good Friend!
We know that in the end every World’s Nation will abandon cabal, and cabal will receive their judgement, all the negative energy they sent on Everyone would be projected back onto them. Continue reading

TheIndependent – Inquiry Blames ‘Systemic Failures’ After IRA Suspects Were Wrongly Told They Were Not Wanted By Police – 17 July 2014

The Independent

By David McKittrick

A judge-led inquiry ordered after an IRA bomb suspect was wrongly given government assurance he was not wanted by UK police, has identified two other cases where similar errors were apparently made.

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UK Column News – 17 July 2014

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