Bill To Ban MPs From Adverts, Product Placement – 17 July 2014

RT logoA Lower House MP is readying a bill that would ban his colleagues using social network accounts for advertising and product placement, saying that this could be considered as abuse of voters’ trust.

Vadim Solovyov who represents the Communist Party in the State Duma (and who is the head of the party’s legal department) told the popular Russian daily Izvestia that the bill would change the existing Federal Law on Advertising, with a ban on all civil servants posting advertising content on their private accounts in various social networks. He said the ban would first of all affect the deputies of the federal parliament and of various regional legislatures, as the elected officials are much more active on the internet.

A civil servant is a person of great responsibility and popularity. To their voters, civil servants are like a quality guarantee for the mentioned goods and services and this is why they should not abuse the people’s trust,” the Communist MP told reporters.

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