Cheney Reaction: Interview Blackout As Protester Waves Handcuffs At ‘War Criminal’ – 17 July 2014

Screenshot from C-SPAN’s live stream video

Screenshot from C-Span’s Live stream video

A live interview with former Vice-President Dick Cheney and his family was marred by protesters accusing him of war crimes and torture. One protester tried to ‘arrest’ the politician, but was taken away, as live video of the event went black.

Cheney made a rare appearance, together with his wife Lynne and daughter Liz, on Monday to be interviewed by Politico’s Mike Allen in Washington.

The event at the Mayflower Renaissance Hotel was attended by protesters blaming Cheney for controversial policies of the Bush administration, including the invasion of Iraq and approval of waterboarding of terrorism suspects.

One of them, a woman wearing a pink sign and carrying handcuffs interrupted the interview at one point.

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