Sophia Love – July 16th Update – 17 July 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

Good Day Sophia!I will answer on some questions from Good Friends.

“Here is an interresting article called SAUDI JOINING BRICS TO DITCH USD :
Click here.
Arabia is the world biggest oil producer and thereby the main backer of the petrodollar with other petromonarchies.
If it’s confirmed than it’s a huge nail on the coffin of the dollar”
Another great news Good Friend!
We know that in the end every World’s Nation will abandon cabal, and cabal will receive their judgement, all the negative energy they sent on Everyone would be projected back onto them.

“Hi Good Friend.
After i posted the question about Titanic,the thought came to me that there were rich and powerful peoples in ship that could have prevented the creation of the FED and thereby WW1,thank you for confirmation.”
That is showing Good Friend that Your connection with One, with Your Higher Inner Self is now very strong, You can hear the Truth from within:)
This is when You are sending request for answer on a question to Cosmo, You are instantly receiving answer back in less than a second, and the very first “thought” should be that correct answer that You seek.

“And about “mistakes”,i came to the same conclusion some time ago.Sure, my life is easy compared to Michael’s.I
think in my previous incarnation i was a soldier.When i was a 6-7 old
boy,after the traumatic death of a friend,i dreamed that i was a
prisoner of war in an underground complex and when i tried to escape
through a tiny tunnel,it collapsed and i died.I was white and actually i
am black(brown)”
The story about incarnation and reincarnation is much more complicated to say the least. We put it as simply, when our Soul is leaving the Body, then it is going back to Heaven to rest there and then returns back into new born Body, but whole story is much more than this, if You want to hear what we know, I can share it.

This knowledge is of category “arcane”.”The Information of Aspect of Light sits within DNA and can be uncovered, I was mentioning how.

Dear GE, Ipasted this from your update,I’m afraid I missed how to uncover, would u be so kind as to go into it?”

Good Friend Michael, I forgot when I was explaining about this, it is a lot of information, it was somewhere in the beginning of a talk about demiurge, I guess somewhere in the beginning of a comment section.

Basically saying short we can put it like this:
When Animals – future Humans were modified, by Federation of Light Beings and Beings of Purity (very bright Light Beings) and demiurge itself, within human DNA was put this Particle of Light.
And through religions and spiritual evolution of different kind Humanity little by little is trying to achieve this Particle of Light, we can put it as “coming closer to God”.
Achieving this state can be done through grow and evolution, which takes not one generation.

Right now, overall, Humanity came very close to it, but still not completely.
Due to evil activity on this Planet, this process was slowed down gradually.

Now only few People have a very close integration with this Particle of an aspect of Light.
These People can interact with Animals, Animals understand These People very well and can be very close Friends with Them, also These People can stabilize surroundings, reducing fear and uncertainty, also They are able to settle conflicts and reduce aggression. You Good Friend are of this category.

All people that chose Good way of Existence have traits of this, but yet not completely.

“when u refer to “an aspect of light”are u referring to the Races/Beings of “light” ( federation of light) (feminized civilazations etc.) or to an aspect of source or One?”

Aspect of Light is meant as an origin of element of Light, an origin of matter so to say.
It is a pure Light, not just from one entity. It is from One, Followers of Light or Galactic Federation of Light are following exactly this Light and are trying to uncover all it’s secrets.
I hope these answers will aid You.

About situation on this World now and possible future consequences. Here are some more good news, BRICS are now making very big shift and
are starting the collapse of illuminati/cabal and all their established
parasitic system of slavery and control
Click here.
Click here.
Click here.

Also we can say that Yellowstone supervolcano is awakening, this is due to illuminati’s activity to foment more violence and destruction and their willfulness to start a ww3. Christians and muslims unfortunately are following in their footsteps and are supporting cabal in mutual destruction of themselves.

All of this brings this World closer to “harsh reset”, we were doing our best to make it swift and easy, but many still prefer violence over diplomacy and peaceful resolutions, so Yellowstone volcano will be the first of such harsh changes.

Although, this volcano’s eruption can still be avoided, but it depends on actions of illuminati/cabal and Humanity overall.

So as always, think positively, meditate, pray, direct the flow of Energy and Light into hearts of Humanity so that They could finally see the whole picture, on the same level that You are seeing it!

Remember that positive and wishful thinking are having a very huge impact on material physical World.
In La’kesh.
Much Peace, Calm and Prosperity to Everyone! link to original article

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