John Ward – Ukraine, Malaysian Airlines, Hamas & Hungary: Grinding Trust Into Dust – 18 July 2014

JohnWA blogger visits Budapest and reports on fears of agent provocateur activity by Americans to smear the Prime Minister.

Is he a Moscow sleeper, a closet fascist, CIA double-buffer, fantasist who lives in Dudley with his Mum, or someone trying to get closer to the truth?

Some comment threaders accuse him of falsely maligning George Soros for his Nazi collaboration, greedy attack on the £, and support of the serial neoliberal meddler in Hungary, Richard Field.

Are they Mossad agents, Hungarian neoliberal former Soviet Kommissars, CIA, naifs, fantasists living with Mum in Dudley, or doubters trying to get closer to the truth?

In a mid-air collision of physical and virtual, the Malaysian airlines riddle is shot down by the Ukrainian enigma.

Were the perpetrators Newscorp hacks desperate for the ultimate headline, Moscow adherents out to blame extreme Ukrainian nationalists, or trigger-happy idiots now keen to disguise their incompetence by inventing conspiracy theories?

Is Israel nothing more than an aggressive imperialist power? Is Hamas nothing more than a terrorist organisation? Is Iran building a bomb? Why are the arctic temperatures so abnormally high alongside generalised cooling elsewhere? Do the police arrest ageing celebrity gropers and pass them off as paedophiles out of incompetence or malignancy?

With every new day in 2014, there is a different ball of kitten-savaged wool to try and unravel. Over 90% of folks are too busy or indifferent to bother. A further 7% are bitterly divided about who did what, when, and why. And a final loosely-arranged 3% are delighted by all the confusion.

For that confusion means that the Left can have 100 conspiracy theories….and the Right can have 100 reasons to dismiss reality as “left-wing poppycock”. But whereas the Left sees the endless conspiracies as evidence of something or other (they’re just not quite sure what) the ultimately eclectic élite revels in the smokescreen, and uses it as a fog behind which things can be fixed without others noticing.

The bottom line is that the Resistance is divided and neutered, and ordinary people are scared.

And that fear suggests a profoundly disturbing outcome to all of this: it is the desperate search by the working and middle classes for a simple explanation….for, if you like, a soundbite that can be trotted out in pubs and across dinner tables. Confusion breeds fear and, in the long run, fear encourages uncritical belief.

To put this into Marxist dialectics, there is accusation, counter-accusation – and then certainty. The most dangerous people on the planet are those who believe.

Faux certainty is not dialectical synthesis, it is myth. Grind up truth and disinformation with your pestle and mortar, and a thin dust capable of being blown to the furthest horizon – a thin, swirling mass of myth – will result. It is a more pernicious form of pollution than the worst oil slick.

This is our world today. We are, it seems to me, being softened up for a life of corporacratic certainty. We are being offered these little Reichstag fires – and their fall-guy mental patients running around inside waving smoking guns or torches – to make us breathe a huge sigh of relief once the inevitable Emergency Powers Act turns up.

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