Wes Annac – Transcending Negative, Self-Created Thought Forms – 18 July 2014

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I might change this segment around soon due to the absence of reader’s questions, and in place of a question this week, I’d like to talk about the idea that lower thought forms, which have tempted a lot of people to feed into the lower vibrations, are created by the seekers who succumb to their influence.

It’s easy to look at the challenge of ridding oneself of the influence of lower thought forms as an external, impossible task that we should fear, but in reality, they and the challenges they herald live within and can be easily and instantly transmuted – continuously if necessary.

If something holds you back from spiritually soaring, you may notice that all kinds of thoughts and emotions are attached to it. It’s easy to look at the dismaying thoughts that come with these challenges as external issues we have to strive very hard to deal with, but they can be easily transcended if we’re willing to see through their influence.

Moving beyond the things that hold us back can be very easy, but we have to realize that they’re completely internal; no outside force is making us face them. We created everything about our internal and external realities that presents difficulty, and as our vibration continues to rise, we’ll find that our experience of life was very personal.

Even though we went through our various lives with plenty of other people around, the things we experienced were results of what we felt within and the actions our feelings created. As such, our lives were very personally coordinated, and every difficulty we were presented with was inherently necessary to help us find a new perspective.

It can be hard to realize this if we’re in a spiritually and emotionally depleted frame of mind, because the difficulties seem much worse than they actually are and our ability to find a clear head seems all but diminished. Despite all of this, we can instantly re-access a greater perception if we let ourselves.

I’m starting to think the idea that being depleted keeps us from spiritually soaring is an illusion, and even if we’re completely exhausted, we can muster up the energy to be conduits for a greater facet of ourselves.

I’ve been trying to act as a conduit for my higher self when I write, channel and play music, but I’m starting to realize that we have to act as constant conduits if we want to embody the divine qualities. Acting as constant conduits forces us to keep our minds open, and if we’ve learned anything so far, it’s that living in the mind will only lead to pain and misery.

Thus, keeping our minds constantly open takes us away from the ego-centered perception that seems to boost the difficulty of the challenges we’ve set out for ourselves, and when we face negative situations, we can keep our minds open and express the higher qualities that are needed for whatever negativity we find ourselves in.

The beauty of our existence on the earth is that we can live in such a dark place and still shine an immense amount of light. We can also let the darkness get us down, and if we do, we’ll find that we became conduits for the expression of the lower thought forms who thrive from the light of a conscious seeker.

If we keep our minds open, however, we’ll be conduits for the aforementioned purer facets of ourselves who, along with us, will use our physical temple to do as much good in the world as they/we can. Living from a constant, loving perception is more important than most people think, and as long as we’re open, we’ll face every challenge with ease.

When we’re rooted in the mind, it’s easy to convince ourselves the challenges we face are much bigger than they really are. It’s easy to think we’re facing enormous beasts who are practically impossible to conquer, but they’re only small mice whose shadows look bigger than reality will come to present.

Lower thought forms require our light and our positive emotion/energy to survive, and this is why they attempt to drain our energy with negative thoughts and feelings that some people respond to.

In responding, we exchange energy with them – they get a taste of our sweet light before converting it to darkness, and we get a taste of their dark, depleted energy. The seekers who face these thought forms tend to think they’re difficult to get rid of, especially if they’re already in a depleted frame of mind.

The truth, however, is that any seeker who’s dealing with such an entity is actually dealing with something they’ve created and can change the very structure of. Negative thought forms don’t come from some hellish realm outside of us (even though they thrive in fourth density-negative), they come from directly within our field of manifestation.

Anyone who’s trying to overcome a challenge and finds that they’re awash with the influence of negative thought forms is encouraged to see that they’ve subconsciously created these thought forms. Just as easily and instantaneously as they were created, they can be transmuted at their very core if we send them love.

Keeping an open mind will always be an important part of this process, because we’ll find that we subconsciously create new negative thought forms if we stay rooted in the ego. After we bless and transmute the thought forms we’ve created, we can seek to live in love and never stray from the spiritual path in favor of finite, earthly things that put us back in the same perception we already transcended.

We can live free of negative influence for years and suddenly fall off the bandwagon, so it’s important to stay as open-minded and open-hearted as we can throughout the remainder of our lower-dimensional journey. I’m learning the importance of refusing to lend my energy to lower thought forms who seek pure spiritual destruction, and hopefully, all of you either have or are learning the same thing.

As incarnate lightworkers and starseeds, it’s essential that we empower ourselves and the love we carry within instead of the mental rigidity that keeps us open to the influence of self-created energetic parasites. All we have to do is live in peace, love, and calmness, and if we want, we can strive to expand once we reach our center.

Nothing will hold us back when we refuse to protrude from our loving center, and from there, we’ll find that we were able to expand and take our love and knowledge to the next level, drastically uplifting waves of other budding seekers in the process.

Our self-created thought forms will have long ceased to influence us, because we’ll have long ceased to keep giving them our energy. Now more than ever, we have to ask ourselves if we’re up for the challenge of continuously ridding ourselves of them so we can enjoy a clear and free-flowing future.

If we don’t ask this question, the universe certainly will.

This concludes this week’s reader’s question.

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