ZeroHedge – These Are The 10 “Liquidity-Providing” HFT Firms The SEC Is Investigating – 18 July 2014

 ZeroHedgeDespite a full court press of PR to confirm HFT firms are friends of retail investors and do no wrong; the SEC, it appears, sees it differently. While Mary White has confidently explained the market is not rigged, her agency is now actively seeking tips, complaints, or referrals that show, as The Chicago Tribune reports, evidence of abuse of order types, as well as traditional forms of abusive trading like “layering” or “spoofing” and other issues relating to high-frequency trading that might be violations of the law. Here are the 10 firms (including poster child holy-grail trader Virtu Financial) that the SEC is probing… can you spot the oddly missing one…

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