Lisa Gawlas – The Fibonocci Spiral And The Music Of Your Soul! – 20 July 2014

lisagawlas2Wow, I knew we were going thru some sort of shift in the field with all the communication chaos the last several days, but this is even more than I could have hoped for!!  I officially understand the significance of the Fibonacci spiral showing up in readings!!  I also think i understand the series of events that must take place before a new Fibonacci spiral comes to life in the ground work of our lives.  This information came from the first three people on the field, two of them, brand new connections and invaluable to our ongoing understandings!!!  This is going to give a lot more understanding to the ringing in the ears too.

My first lady, a virgin upon my field, started my day off with a wonderful song clip (spirit is great with song messages) and an understanding that just tickled my toes.  The song clip was “It’s like thunder, and Lightning, the way you love me is frightening” (frightening being more in the realm of intense as opposed to anything to do with fear.)  At the moment the song I was hearing sang the word “lightning” a huge lightening bolt came down from the sky and crackled in the center of her field.  That is when I seen her, OMG so new visually!!  So fantastic!!

When I put my attention on her, she was standing in the very center of her field of creation, her body so infused with her light body, but I could also tell the high frequency is setting up in her cells and her cells are starting to appear (to my vision) to become solid again.  Think about these times when you are down, the change in the cellular structure is so intense, your body needs to rest thru the process.  The discomforts we feel along the way, is simply the frequency intensity of the change that is happening.

From the top of her head down to the bottom of her pelvis, it was if her body cracked up and this intense silvery white light was emitting from her core energy.  The visual was stunning to say the least!!  The silvery white light was spreading outwards and to the left and right, from my focal point it was about 3 feet out from her body (but very much radiating from her core.)  I understood that this light would continue to spread outwards and connect as well as fully activate her new outer grid of creation.

This brought a whole new understanding to my world.  There are two ways the outer grid is going to be activated, either by the energy you are putting out into your life or spirit is going to do it for you.  Let me tell you, the first way is always the best way!! lol  When spirit has to do it, it is simply because you have not gotten off your dreamy butt and put action into your life or chilling in a life that has reached its expiration point.

The silvery white is the combined energy of earth and spirit, heaven and earth being emitted from your core to create the world of wonder thru your feelings, which are in that mix.

So I decided to look around to see what else we may be able to pick up when suddenly I saw a strange movement coming from her right hip.  Something was poking out and wiggling from her hip and moving towards her east garden (new beginnings, new growth.)  What the heck??  As I focused my antenna on that movement I realized it was a snake… excuse me, a serpent!!  What the hell??  I know what this image is, its her kundalini energy, her soul energy presenting itself like a serpent for my understanding of what it is.  It was very much connected to her right hip and stretching out towards the east field.  The motion of the snake was very much like sine waves moving outward.  All I could think is what the hell is your kundalini energy doing there and in that way!!???  Ask and you shall receive (eventually lol.)

My beautiful lady is in the midst of closing many doors to her old life (including divorce) and as her body system is busy doing that, her soul energy is out activating her new beginnings based on her heart desires.  Her new life already seeded and growing in her east garden thanx to the unseen energy of her soul.

What I could see in her east garden were 7 strands of energy, almost looked like long stalks of a plant, except they had that whole sine wave energy to them too and each were about 4-5 feet tall.  What was missing from every one of them was the head, the flower or anything, as her team said, that would give me the reason to interpret it.  It is not to be seen, nor known in detail, but know your new garden is already growing towards your life.  They had also said, she is still closing doors and when that last door is closed, this new garden will be ripe and she will step right into it.  Yay!!

So the soul is not as passive a player as we may have thought, but only moves when the human does too!!  A thought to ponder!

If she wasn’t enough to send sky rockets from my heart to the sky, my next two people added to the ongoing excitement and understanding!!

My next reading, a man who has given me the privileged of witnessing his complete merger with his soul energy.  I swear, I am the most blessed gal on the planet, maybe even in the entire multiverse!!!  But… there he was, standing beautifully in his center field, his cells looking very much like the lady before him but his visual was focused on the ground itself.  A large spiral emerging from him and going outwards.  Golden in energy, that frayed look thru the entire spiral (which is magnetic energy.)


To give you an idea to follow along with, I used the above image, his body being the star placement.  I tried to see where the center of the spiral was origination from (left foot, right foot, etc) and his team instantly said :his whole body, HE is the origination point.  Kewl Beans!!  Suddenly, everything I remembered about the Fibonacci spiral drained out of my head, shit I cannot remember what this even means.  I went to the computer hoping to find the sites that would help me remember… but of course not!!  lol  Instead, I land on this one page and I start reading the comments section (the body of the page was too math/science for me!! lol) and the bells and whistles went off like sirens at fire!!

The comment from greg hope was:   …having to do with the way energy nests itself into matter: note the mammalian ear cochlea; and how the lower tones which carry the farthest are sensed in the tightest spirals, and the higher tones, nearest, in the larger. …

Of course!!  TONES!!  Sound, frequency, OMG I never understood this before.  We have had so many elements of sound show up in readings, marching bands, song clips, sounds I didn’t recognize but could hear… hell, in our own ears we have a chorus that seems to play constantly any more!!  Holy shit, I am getting the sound in relationship to the spiral.  The lower tones carry the farthest and are the ones closest to your body.  Of course!!  YOU are the creator, and so the codes and information MUST come from your cellular energy and move outwards.  The higher tones are nearest to you, which the new creation you are experiencing!!  Just holy flipping wow!!

My beautiful and spiritually dedicated/determined man was now creating a brand new spiral that is his LIFE.  I hope I am explaining this in a way that makes it clear to you too!!  If not, I found a video right after his reading that pounded the nail of understanding home!!

Ok, so the narrator of this video isn’t the most exciting voice to listen to, but the content is!!  If you go to the 3:33 mark on the video (doncha love that number lol) we can so understand the first lady in relationship to all this too.  I will quote him here:

“Light will expand out from its center in the shape of a light sphere in all directions.  The light form will be in the form of a wave function (my ladys kundalini snake movement) of standing wave.  When the wave function comes in contact with an object or observer it will collapse.  Creating a new quantum particles (photons) and also a new moment in time and space.”

He goes on to say:

“In this theory all objects (groups of atoms) will form their own future reference frame or spacetime by reacting with the wave-particle duality of light.”  ..if this light does not come in contact with an object it will only have the momentum of its wave function…

My whole heart came alive as I listened especially to this part (above quotes).  YOU must create the new spiral of life by your action, by coming in contact with an object (group of atoms lol) and igniting your experience of Light!!

For a year and a half we have been getting the Fibonacci spiral in various readings and I finally get its significance, wow am I slow on the uptake lol!!  Sorry bout that!!

Well if my man and first lady wasn’t enough to make my mind explode in excitement, my next lady, another virgin upon my field, was going to top it off with cherry’s galore.

Her reading opened up to the familiar sound of a marching band.  As I oriented my vision to where the sound was coming, I was rather surprised at what I had seen.  Coming from a portal in her deep west (harvest energy) there were two elements to this marching band.  The formed like a backwards 7 with the connecting point being that portal.  The top of the reversed figure 7 was drums and surprisingly symbols (think music not geometry lol) marching straight across to her crown area (she was in the center of her field.)  The lower sloping part of the 7 were the things like flutes or saxophones.  Wind instruments.

I knew instantly what I was seeing thanx to the man before her.  The deeper tones (the drums) were moving into her to create her next version of life.  Until this morning, i was really baffled by the symbols, which are not deep tones at all… but I realize with the new, we bring in some of the old, or are already there if we have not learned what we needed to from it.  The lower section were the ground level of her new experiences, the higher tones.  As they come together in her body they too will emit a new spiral of life that will be her next adventure.

She too was in the midst of change.  A major job just finished up and the new not presented yet.  The music of her life, of her energy and needed experiences for further expansion is marching into her world of creation.

To go with the significance of the symbols in the midst of the new, her closing question to me was “why do I smoke when it is not good for me” or something to that affect.  Her concern was really around the energy people think of as “addictions.”  So I did not let her stop and just my cigarette smoking, I am so addicted to coffee and chocolate ohhh and most especially HUGZ!!!  I love them all!!  The joy that is what I do on all levels… and I also instantly thought back to that precious book the soul of Billy Fingers.  He was a drug addict, that was his role in his life.  To experience himself in that way, to journey to the heart of god by being stoned out of his mind.  One would never see the advanced soul he was because we are conditioned to see things differently… until we let it all go!!  In the book, Billy did say something that is so relevent here.  He said that people say they are happy, but most people do not have a sound that comes from their “happy” and when they are truly, living bliss, there is tones that spirit can hear.  He refered to his own life as a rock opera!!  Yeah!!

Ohhh, before I forget.  My man had a question and the reply just rocked my world.  He has been seeing 88 a lot lately and asked what it means!  I really had no idea, except for the singular 8 in my world is infinity, or as above so below.  However, his team took it to the fruitful place, and actually answered him!!  One 8 is the incoming energy of above to assimilate the below (spirit moving into body/creation) the double 8 is signifying the finished work of the first 8 and now the living energy of spirit is now forming the creation itself.  Above being experienced below.  More clearly stated LIVING Heaven on earth!!

Our true journey in this amazing life is getting to the point where there is no right or wrong, good or bad, there is just experience, LIVING LIFE in all forms of expression.

Ohhhh the incredible, amazing, musical journey we are on.

I want to close by suggesting you pay attention to the tones of your life.  Listen deeply.  The sound of creation is coming from you!!

You really are the music of my heart and I love you beyond words.  Have an amazing Sun-day!!  ((((HUGZ)))

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