InvestmentWatchBlog – BOOM! Kiev Caught Plotting Crash Of Malaysia Flight MH17 , Before It Happened! – 21 July 2014

InvestmentWatch(Lucas : Here is controversial video of DAHBOO77: the video was structinized by mainsteam media still if this audio tape was from a day before that leaves a lot of questions. We had already still an unsolved mystery of the other Maylaysian Airplane…and still missing the plane and people. Who shot the plane or not, I still want you all to keep asking questions and not dismiss anything. It is that what makes propaganada and other stuff make the world go round, Ignorance!)

Smoking Gun! And that smoking gun was supplied by Kiev Itself!
The same smoking gun they used to shoot themselves in the foot!
The fact they came public, pushing the fabricated story, Showed Us All That They Support It! We then Busted their video as a fraud! We discovered it was created almost a full day before the crash. Now we have Experts that have verified the Kiev supplied video as a fraud, and that it Was Made The DAY BEFORE!
That’s Huge! That Proves they Knew! It proves Kiev Knew Flight MH17 Was going to crash, A DAY BEFORE IT HAPPENED!
They smoked themselves on this one! Im just the messenger 🙂…


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