Lisa Gawlas – DNA, Future Lives And More – 23 July 2014

lisagawlas2Are you feeling the different, well, different to me (smile) exchange of feelings with people?  I am not even sure that is the right way to phrase that question.  I have noticed in this last week, every time I get a new appointment come thru my email (does not matter if the client is new or returning, it is seeing the incoming energy/name/person) my heart and eyes get all misty.  Please know, I have always been excited to see you show up in my inbox, on my calendar, but this week has taken it from excitement to tears, a pulse of love that is so pure my whole body system feels you and reacts!  Yesterday, it was taken to a whole new level of body experience.  I had a new person book a reading and in her notes she put a sentence in there: “I am excited to the bones to share this experience with you.”  OMG instantly, I could feel the excited vibration in my bone marrow… MY BONE MARROW!!!!!  Deep inside my bones, I was feeling her, it was strange, unexpected and beyond exciting.  Of course, it left me pondering for the day… which I will get to in a moment (smile.)

When it came time to do my first reading yesterday, I knew I was too full to take in another ounce of light.  Ya know that feeling you get when you just ate a massive meal and you feel all full like you would burst with one more bite, that’s how my brain felt all day yesterday, and even a bit today.  But what really cracked me up, when my first client called in for his reading, I went to answer the phone, and for the life of me, I have no idea how my touch took the phone and the base and flung it off the bookshelf it has always sat upon and got wedged on the floor between the bookshelf and the wall.  I couldn’t get to the phone, obviously missed his call, moved my bookshelf and knew the message without even having to ponder.  I am down, my brain was overstuffed with soul food from the last few days.  Sure enough, when I called him back… all I could see was my floor.  I had already had Thursday cleared out as my day off, so the wait to reschedule was not long and thank you everyone for being so darn flexible with me!!

Not only was my brain full, my body was so achy, especially my right neck and shoulder.  I decided to bite the financial bullet and take my body to the Jemez Springs Bath House and treat myself to a massage and a mineral bath soak.  The massage was awesome but the bath soak, enlightening!!  I did take my daddy’s Maju stone with me, I have not meditated with it yet and since I left mine in Virginia, well… its time!

At first, I got nothing, which I was not surprised just given the full feeling in my head, but I pleaded… hey, a morsel please.  I would like to see how I am set up in the field at least, since i see everyone else, it sure would be nice to know!!   They gave me a crumb!!  I could see my center path and north field and this massive flow of yellow-golden energy flowing from what we would perceive as the future into my created field of life to my heart.  My team wouldn’t give me details and thats ok, as long as I wasn’t caught in some storm or something that I wasn’t acknowledging, I am good and thankful.  Plus, one of my friends who came to dinner the other day, who will actually be the guest speak for Friday’s Soul Gym is an amazing astrologist and said this the time for Leo’s, receiving the abundance of life energy… my peek at my own field was a reflection of what she said.  All you Leo’s out there, put your party boots on!!

I did get a glimpse of what my father is up too… getting ready to incarnate in a very strict aboriginal family in Australia, kind of his way of experiencing all the unresolved energy and emotions from this current lifetime.  I had to giggle when he said his lovely wife in this life will be his wife in the next, but the tables will be very much turned energetically.  Which will serve to free all karma for all involved.  Hurray!!

I thought that was all I was going to get for my tubbie… but no, much to my incredible surprise, I was reacquainted with the vision I had on my way back from Colorado and my future parents and the rest of THAT story!!

My future father looks very much like the younger version of Harry Potter, my future mother, beautiful, both of them super nerds!!  Even tho at this moment in their life they are teenagers, they are both science and mathematical geniuses.  In a timeline in our future, they will marry and their first child will be me, well, the soul part of me lol.  As the baby me in that timeline matures, our science will have many tools that they developed to see way beyond what they see now and having lived (this) lifetime enmeshed in the metaphysical understandings of our quantum world, as I age out, I will have a strong and knowing foot in science and metaphysics and an open marriage of the two.

In the early years of that future version of me, I will be sharing the information I am integrating now with that part and when the time is right, this part (me) will merge with that part (whomever I am in the future) as a whole.  Whoever the narrator of this visual was, explained how important it was that I wasn’t science in this lifetime so I could dive deep into the metaphysical.  That in the DNA planning stage of this body, we blocked the science knowledge I had had back in my incarnation with Einstein.  How pesky of us to do that!!  lol

This sharing is important to understand for all of us really.  Sometimes we get so frustrated because we want to learn something yet cannot seem to hold it in our bag of tools… it is because it is not the lifetime yet to bring that part out.  There really is a divine plan unfolding and a much larger process that will unfold into our next lifetimes too!!

Back to the increased feelings with you.  A few weeks ago we talked about the activation of the 10th, 11th and 12th strands of DNA, the God Group (as named by Kryon.) And if I may quote the information shared by Kryon:

The God Group
The basic information is that this layer must be considered as a package with 11 and 12. These last three are then called “action layers” and are different from any of the attributes of any of the former 9. Kryon puts them in the “God” Group.

The experience of each other, of the pure love and Knowing of each other is held in our DNA, when we are in action and allowed (LIVED) for all the activation’s of the first 9, the experience is exchanged in the deepest parts of our fully quantum DNA called the God Group.  Her bones and my bones were the very same bones having the experience of love and excitement.  At the highest level of our Being, we are One and the Same.

And I am hearing that there are no amount of activation’s out there by other people who can ever activate any of your DNA, Your life and how you choose to live it, is the only true activation that can be held in eternity and carried forward.  No short cuts!!  lol

Big big (((HUGZ))) of loving joy to everyone!!  Our season has arrived because we brought it Here!!  Yay!!

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