Méline Portia Lafont – Creations To Manifestation – The Parcours Of Energy From Source To Planetary Level – 23 July 2014

Whenever information is given to us from on High, what we receive, perceive and conceive is information that is tapped into the Now.  THe Now is limitless and timeless, it is a space of creation in the space and time continuum, in the ever lasting now: the being, the Zero point where ALL IS and Nothing is at the same time.  Omnil ~ Om = All-ness + Nil (0) = nothingness.

The parcours of  that  the energy needs to undertake goes from the Omniverse through the Universe, through the Intergalactic planes, through the Galactic planes, through the Interstellar planes, through the Solar plane to enter in our Planetary plane and reality.

An event, creation and manifestation cannot be translated into a date or time as all is birthed in the Now and emerges into our reality through the own heart space and when this will be, is resulted from the state of Self consciousness, awareness, level of consciousness and the own heart portal on your inner planes.  Everyone’s path is unique and therefore not to be measured nor to be predicted in time.  All is in the Now in the heart and created through the heart.


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