John Ward – The Truth Is Not Out There – 24 July 2014

JohnWThe job of unaligned bloggers today is to establish exactly what happened and why…not to be gullible

The picture below is of a lady who clearly has a bike.

arabullshitThe first shows the lady to be a Syrian victim of wicked Bashar Assad who, according to Human Rights Watch and the BBC, ran air strikes to target his own civilians, the Alawhite swine.

Almost certainly as a result of this trauma, she changed her nationality, became a Palestinian, and went to live in Gaza. There she was hit in exactly the same place by the wicked Israelis, according to Free Palestine.

Whatever one feels about the rights and wrongs of this situation, in the age of soundbite TV, 24/7 news, photoshop and Hari, you can make any image look like anything you want, and only forensic analysis will tell you if it’s real or not.

The so-called ‘Peace’ flotillas to Gaza were boarded on several occasions by the Israelis. The New York Times ran a condemnatory lead showing a photograph of food and medical supplies below deck. Later examination showed the NYT had cropped out gun caches.

Do not be gullible: ignore photographs, check the source of smears, reject all second-hand myths (eg ‘Ukrainian separatist seen picking jewellery off dead MH17 passengers’): forget your tribe for a minute and THINK.

Why would Assad bomb an old ally like Turkey?

Have you been shown an iota of proof that Assad either had or used chemical weapons?

Given access to 365/7/24 sunlight, why would the Iranians need nuclear power and refining plants for peaceful electric power generation purposes?

The US backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, although it has an appalling track record of hostility towards Christians. It backed them in Syria, and invented atrocities which were, again, never proven. It did so because it distrusts Iran, wants complete regime change there…but above all, wants the oil.

After all, the Iranians deliberately kept the hostages to ensure Jimmy Carter lost the election, right? Wrong: Republican sympathisers in the CIA negotiated with the Ayatollahs to ensure that humiliations of the prisoners could be faked, and their release delayed, in order to maximise the damage to Carter.

In the Ukraine, the EC/US invention machine dubs pro-Moscow separatists direct agents of Putin –  a man they claim is off his head – and plays down the fact that the previous government (albeit hopelessly corrupt) was democratically elected. In Greece, the Juncker-Brussels mafia smears Tsipras, the only largely uncorrupted politician in the country….while plotting with the US to get Golden Dawn banned – in order not to split the Right-Wing pro-Brussels vote.

In Hungary, agents provocateurs like Richard Field work with the former Communist Opposition Party to accuse Viktor Orban’s Party of racism, anti-Roma atrocities and other ‘crimes’, all of which turn out to have no foundation whatsoever….ignoring that Orban has now won two elections in a row with clear majorities. Orban’s crime, you see, has been to rebuff the euro and the IMF, and follow an anti-globalist economic strategy. He is in the way, and so he must be destroyed.

In the UK, the Sun did NOT hack Milly Dowler’s phone, it has since emerged: the one event that triggered hacking into a viral news story was utterly fabricated. And at the end of the trial that followed, Rebekah Brooks was found not guilty of all the things of which she was happy to be accused….because all the evidence to support the cps charges had been destroyed.

Britain’s manufacturing output has never been worse, and its ‘recovery’ is a fudge. QE is the use of our money so market traders can make more money and banks can get free money. Take out artificial stimulation activities in China, Japan, the US and Britain, and the world is in a worse depression than that of 1930-35.

This is my advice from here on, and you can take it or leave it.

* Read the MSM by all means, but be aware of the source and the agenda at all times

* Go and talk to primary sources on the ground

* Assemble the data and note where it departs from the spin

* Ignore all lachrymose photography

* Don’t listen to the words Establishment politicians emit, track their behaviour. It will nearly always show you that they’re lying.  / link to original article


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