Marlene Swetlishoff – Archangel Gabriel – 24 July 2014

marlene1-1Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love called peace. This is a quality of love that everyone in the world wants. A world that is filled with stress, anxiety and tension makes it difficult to ascertain how an individual might achieve and sustain this quality of peace in their daily lives. Because of this, people never truly experience it. Peace is a deep down sense of contentment and security, a sense that a person has all that they need to face all that they are dealing with, a sense of belief in their own inherent worth and dignity. They feel they have the ability to reach an equilibrium that allows them to embrace and express a willingness to live as one with others. This is when peace is mirrored in the world, for only by working together with others and loving all others as one’s own sister and brother,  can peace be achieved. If peace is present, all is possible; such as the experience of love, compassion, and forgiveness in one’s interactions with others. Peace comes from working together and striving to develop a spiritual resonance of wisdom and compassion that emanates from within each individual on their personal spiritual journeys. When an individual loves others as they love themselves, they embody the qualities of compassion and harmony and this radiates out into their sphere of influence.

In all things, it is important to find peace within. An individual’s spiritual journey, no matter where it leads, must bring them to this realization. Peace begins within each individual and radiates to the outer world. It requires an individual to live their life with utmost respect for all living things and how to best honour that. They must enjoy working toward a more peaceful world, and with faith, step forward in pursuit of that vision. They must believe in themselves no matter where their vision leads them. They must be the living breathing manifestation of that vision, for no one will find themselves in a peaceful world who does not first believe in its existence. They must walk their talk and not just sit back or tune out and let whatever is going to happen to them and their planet just happen. They must become pro-active, step forward and do their part to bring peace to the world. They must make peace happen by continuing to rejuvenate their spirits in daily discipline and by seizing every boundless opportunity presented to them for healing their planet while embodying their compassionate nature. They must work unceasingly to make the reality of the love of peace happen in their world and to show their world the beauty of peace.

Each individual is called to actively use their imagination and creativity in pursuit of the world they desire, and learn to temper their tendency to doubt with a capacity to believe that all things are possible to those who believe. They must search for the peace and acceptance in their own hearts that will lead them to a world of beloved community and seriously reflect upon how they could better love one another. The essential thing is to acquire the spiritual treasure of inner peace. No change in worldly circumstances can bring one into a state of genuine peace without this, for the inner and outer parts of one’s being must be brought into harmony. The person who forgives, nurtures good will towards all humanity, and practices charity is a peacemaker. Everything they say and do is a blessing to those around them and emanates with the inner peace that has been established within them, a sphere of peace which prevails over any disturbance in the world. It is like a river of love and deep trust, the more peace that flows from one individual to another, the deeper and wider that river becomes.  Peace in the world will come when enough of humanity finds inner peace and then manifests it.

True ambassadors of peace are those who are generous. They volunteer to help in their community and practice random acts of kindness, and give to others without expectations of return. The act of giving always makes the heart more content and one’s spirit glows brighter. Giving is the act of honouring the God within. They love and are at ease within themselves and love life in all its forms. They are open to accepting things in a positive and gracious manner and are friendly and helpful when interacting with others in a divine manner. They keep themselves busy with something constructive and practical and also take some time for relaxation too. They learn from the events in their lives and turn disappointments into life lessons. They do not compare themselves with others, for they know that everyone is unique in this world. They never judge others. They are honest with themselves and what they really want, and are clear about what they expect from themselves and others. They give service to others, for they know that true happiness can only be found when they stop worrying about themselves and try to help those around them. Helping family members, co-workers, and friends gives their life meaning and joy. They cherish the values of love, courage, compassion, generosity and kindness in their own right as being worthy of getting them closer to peace and happiness within. This is truly the love of peace as a person manifests it.

Achieving inner peace requires living in the present moment, for peace and contentment is reached when one makes the most of the present. It requires the time for silence which is a truly beautiful experience, with the power to transform the practitioner, and can touch an individual to the very core of their being. This is the part of them that is connected to reality and existence itself. Silence is rejuvenation, for it allows an individual to be themselves, to relax into themselves and find that inner peace. In achieving inner peace they respond, rather than react, to life. Responding to life means acting with awareness, with what’s needed in the moment, taking inspired actions that are not hindered by past or future. By noticing and appreciating other people’s kindnesses, they become aware how much it really matters in daily living and they choose to emulate in kind. Feeling real peace is being able to accept what is, and this means recognizing one’s ego voice in any situation and rejecting it, knowing that the only person they can change is themselves. Peace comes from making changes inside them. As serenity and unconditional love fill their heart, they accept that they cannot and will not go back, and will not relinquish what they have found – that peace within that they have been searching for their whole life. By these activities, disciplines and thoughts, each individual is creating a more peaceful world.

I now take my leave with a blessing for each person to experience deep inner peace within that endures, regardless of what challenges life brings.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included. / link to original article


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