Sophia Love – July 24th Update – 24 July 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

I will add another set of information which I received from One, when I asked about number 7.

“This plane crash is a very complicated event, it could have been avoided, but because many here still prefer to understand Creation through violence, this event took place.”

The big play on numbers was done by freemasons of “grand masonic lodge of Washington”, unfortunately People would not find it out for now.
As One told this event was in preparation for a long time and this MH17 and MH370 were meant to start a world war 3.
I was shown information that indeed such preparation is from a long ago as first flight of this plane was made also on 17th of july and in 1997, that is 17 solar cycles ago! Here is a link to this article
Click here.

And like it is said there, TWA Flight 800 crashed as well on 17th july 1996.
And more to this One told me that number 17, repeated several times points to Revelation 17 of the bible, and that is the judgement of a “woman” that is known as “Mystery – Babylon the Great”.
I understand what One meant, as I knew this story and I knew that this “woman” is America.

This prophecy was made long ago and it was not meant as something “unavoidable”, this was meant as a warning to Humanity, that all of this: beast system, mark of the beast, and whole this judgement could be avoided, yet because Humanity chose a path of fulfilling this prophecy through many generations, this is how it will happen partially (not completely).

Not completely, meant that Apocalypse will not take place and United States will not be “destroyed” as it is said there, but whole system and industry of U.S. might be severely damaged, so that illuminati order could be stopped.

Yellowstone awakening would be the first of such strikes to the infrastructure of this government. As well possible is small conflict within U.S. both by People of U.S. and foreign armies. All of this would be meant to liberate this country and stop the plan of illuminati (they were given many chances to surrender, yet they refused).

This warning in Revelation was given by demiurge as I know (as a part of this whole experiment), but One played part in this as well. Demiurge knew that Humanity would choose this path, but One intended Humanity to choose it’s own path and count this only as a possibility. Due to huge influence and fear of these biggest religions the thinking of big judgement and coming “savior” had encoded itself in whole Human Society.

We are awaiting for Moment of Justice or this Judgement of Revelation, what I can say for sure, is that with this plane tragedy, it is now even closer. Illuminati families are responsible for all People from plane that passed away. The whole plane scenario is now playing negatively on illuminati and U.S. government, People around the world are losing trust in these entities and so they are falling apart. Their allies are abandoning them and their lies are becoming more obvious with each passing moment of time.

As You remember after this Judgement will come “Savior”, this is meant here that a New World will be born.


Thank You Good Friends Djon and Oliver for provided links, intuitive guidance link is especially informative for many!

“What I get from you saying “harsh reset” is EARTH cleansing EVENT’s that will force people to unite? Correct?”

Harsh Reset will not be as something like apocalypse or end of the world, but it will take lives away and make destruction, but it won’t be global, it would be only on places where evil took big hold.

Like I mentioned USA is the biggest of these entities, followed by UK, Saudi Arabia, Israel (here is meant governments of these countries) and some fewer entities like NATO’s, European Union’s, IMF’s, World Bank’s headquarters.

Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Africa as a whole and South America as a whole will be restored after the Moment of Justice (not instantly, but wars will be ceased and poverty will be significantly reduced).

“On another note for how long is the genocide going to be continued all over the globe i.e. Ukraine,Palestine, Syria, Libya etc etc etc..??”

This will continue until they – illuminati and everything I mentioned, are active. When their system (the beast system) would collapse, it would be stopped, not fully, but mostly, as they are the main force behind this evilness and cruelty.

“Yes i want to hear (read 🙂 ) what you know about reincarnation .Can you elaborate “arcane”

Arcane is meant the most deepest knowledge which requires big understanding. In this category is knowledge in which comes most hard to understand subjects.

The story on Incarnation and Reincarnation is being put very simply as Soul leaves the Physical Body, it is going into ethereal realm, or Heaven to rest and restore. While resting this Soul is able to traverse Universe and make unimaginable things. Yet the whole story is much more complicated, You heard parts of this whole story. I will not give into details, because it is indeed a hard to understand knowledge, as we know Followers of Light don’t know all of it in detail yet.

As You remember Your Soul exists in many dimensions and dimensional worlds. At the same time as We exist here as a Soul within this Physical Body, Our Soul exists in other Worlds and in other Incarnations. Our Souls are called multi dimensional Bodies, we exist as different sorts of objects at the same time, like I am a Human here and an animal in another World, then as a star in another World.

This is put simply. That is why it is sometimes possible to see “ghosts” of long gone People or events (like battles) taking place in this time, this is due to Energy collisions within the Code of “Multi Dimensional Sphere”, this is all Worlds are put together. Somewhere in other World this Soul exists in incarnation and when it’s memory is refreshed with something that happened here (and energy collision is taking place), a ghost or multiple ghosts are appearing in this World.

Other Souls, after passing away, are choosing “to stay alive”. We call them “the dead wanderers”, yet these Souls are also a multi dimensional incarnation, so their image can change to one in which they currently incarnated in other Worlds.

When We sleep, we can rarely move into other Worlds and see these Worlds (how rarely depends on individual Soul and it’s connectedness with it’s other incarnations). As well very very rarely, it is possible to actually move to other World with physical body attached to a Soul, but these are very rare cases and prerequisites are necessary for this as we know.

And as You remember most of the Souls on this Planet are stuck here, because demiurge blocks these Souls from leaving by telling different reality and tricking Them into submission.

I hope this will help in Your understanding.

In coming Earth cycles are expected more provocations from illuminati/cabal and we are coming close to july 27.

Meditate or pray and overall think positively Good Friends!

You are creating future right now!

Much Peace, Calm and Prosperity to Everyone! / link to original article


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