Lucas – A World Is Not Enough – 26 July 2014

Logo Lucas_square_wordsIt sounds like a new James Bond 007 feature film title but is ain’t. It is about more important things that those mainstream media cooked up for  you to manipulate stories, movies, films, documentaries on tv and internet.  The ones still incarcerated in their little duality prisons they still reside in or have been moving back into I say: “The world is within you and the universe and all that is”. So there is more than you ever can think or analyse or philosophize about with that still said to be all important brain.  We need to get back finding our center, and move out of the old  thought of this extreme or that or chosing between opposites. The real dance of balance from ourselves is the mastery we need to be getting in. Waking up to not just geo-political truth and staying in finding all sorts of ways of just freedom without seeing it is not one or the other but all together.  It is about being grounded in the now and being you as you are but also connected fully in this now with your higher self and source. The fully unblocked flow of those two intricate and connected energies within are  making things happen.  

I see still people going the treadmills and cycles over and over. Like they invented the old newly.  Others I have seen gone insane as the intentionally abused free will and energies for gain, power and manipulation where too much for them to handle.  It is that battle within still going which will give you now certainly difficult times. Some of you will go sick of insane if they keep following the old path and even die. It is though the choice of their own free will  to take this route. Nobody has done a thing to them, they chose themselves. Also I see a lot of us struggling within in letting the flow of things create for us what we want.  It is clear lots of us still are not able to fully interpret what they want. Does paper or a contract bind you energetically, or does renouncing a contract make you free or unbound or change anything if the energetics within you never can be changed within you as you are part of source. You are: free and unbound, always.

In different stages of knowing we are all.  This means not anyone is better or more or whatever dualistic or dividing label you wanna give it.  We are just still on our travels a bit closer or not to our end goal. Now all the pieces are falling slowly into place and are forming the new paradigm.  The old play is still played out even when the new play is already started and the actors are a bit off and weird on the stage where they do not belong anymore.  More and more the inner light of balance  shines through a lot of these actors as they suddenly make little of even big changes or u-turns.  We will see a lot of that going on. Still old habits and old patterns even when called new die slowly.

We need to see and foremost feel and sense the changes that are already coming in. I have been seeing lots of beautiful initiatives all over the world and in my own country taking form. People doing within, on the edge or even outside the system of the matrix new things.  All is part of the renewal of what was. None is the better choice but is just another path. There are so many paths that lead to Rome but not the Rome of the vatican, the old hierarchical, paternal and dualistic belief system and illusion we have been living on this planet.  Duality is an integral part of us we needed to master and balance. This is our mastery of the now. We take this part with us.

I still keep saying the NOW is about showing in the littlest ways your mastery in showing you’re not just flown off into the clouds or even being fully stuck in the matrix still. We need to show we can built by example and are able to do new things in a new way. Not built upon greed, gain, personal interest and power. It is about us all-seeing us individually as “The Masters” we are, each and every one of you. We came upon this earth to make this shift into the new paradigm happen for us all. Each of you are wondrous and mighty energy beings that have so much to offer to this new world which is about sharing, caring and creating for all and then flourishing with all your own talents and skills in using them for all for the better of humankind.

Make sure you know what you want to manifest for the better of all in the new paradigm.  Old tricks will not work. So make an effort and see all of us ,even when doing something not always “the right” way (as there is no right or wrong way), as contributing to the new forming in creation.  Keep it simple and keep your focus on the best intent for all of your fellow humans.  Enough shit and dark stuff is still happening. See it as facts that you need not emotionally attach to that. The ones planning these events, wars and those controlling and abusing you are wanting to influence you emotional state to distract you from your focus.

The world is not enough is in a sense for those players of the old still in one way true.  They are looking for world  domination and even expanding beyond that their realms. In the other way our human mastery is evolving that fast we are knowing already the world within is not enough as there is within endlessly more to explore, sense, feel than we in the old ever would and could.  We have grown bit by bit out of the old energies. This makes the world is not enough for us anymore. We are the explorers of the new paradigm and we are already in beginning stages showing it. So come on and explore the new but be integrating all. Not just one side or the other.  We will find in the balance the peace and our new center of creation.

Much love to you all, I salute you all new masters.

Love and Light,


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