UK Column News 25th July – 26 July 2014

UK Column NEWS Friday 25th JULY 2014

UK Column NEWS Friday 25th JULY 2014
Are we always serious?

Common Purpose leading beyond authority event postponed Eric Pickles Francis Maude  – Plymouth herald crime reporter.

Melanie Shaw  waiting to hear from members of the public attending court.

Beechwood home Nottinham

Notts post FIRE no incidents listed – wrong month?

poor response from police

please write to melanie at the address given in the UKC NEWS

it’s a serco prison and she’s being moved around to dis orientate her.

Savile’s travels Israel ” OIL

blairs and thatchers jimmy has some weird influence?

deviant sexual practice with children

the most jewish catholic you will ever meet tells politicians what to do?

Michael Gove  – closer to Israel?

read it mush – he admits to being a zionist! as a representative of her majesty’s gov.

Tim Fortescue BBC 1995 gov wips blackmail and cover up. on film

Gove demoted?  Britain or Israel?

Whipping what?

chk it out!


hey, we’re not even half way through.

Good to see Claire Perry is now distracted from the Pewsey Vale where she has NEVER lived. Perhaps now she will have time for her children and her husband!

USA and NATO lies Patrick. H.

the evidence is overwhelming – a bodge up




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