Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – Step Outside Of The Box – 27 July 2014

 LarryLarsonCan you help us to understand—and is it helpful for us to understand—the difference between collective consciousness and our own individual perspective guiding our way? I know that gravity is a collective agreement we all share that I do appreciate but sicknesses are also believed by many to be real, and I know I don’t want to participate in others perceived notions about illness. How much are we hooked into world consciousness?

Collective consciousness is a vast well—an ocean—from which your individual perspective emerges. Everything is present within that collective consciousness. And we mean everything: like the ideas behind your atoms and molecules, and the energies that pervade your physical universe. Everything that is was once thought out of that deep well. In your choosing to be here you have dipped into a lot of pre-existing agreements, but not as many as most of you think.

There are ways of thinking around what is commonly accepted. And as with most things it is better to think around them, allow their energy to assist you in some way, rather than to oppose them.

For example, you do not like the concept of disease that so many accept as reality. Rather than opposing them and their collective beliefs, rather than saying, “I’m going to show you and defeat this disease,” it is far better to say, “Huh? What on earth are you talking about?” In other words it is better to not acknowledge it at all.

The thoughts of others are a box that will bind you before you realize you are bound. But you must find other believable ways of conceiving of what is happening—believable to you—that fill the gap. You can’t just say, “Well I choose not to believe that.” You must fill the vacuum. You must develop your own understanding. And when you do, your understanding will take precedence over all else in your experience.

The others will continue to experience what they conceive of as disease until… Inner Circle Members click here to continue reading.   Join the Inner Circle here

~ Twelve / via newsletter 27th July 2014

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